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Chunk Fight

Chunk Fight is a team-based game where players gather resources and craft armor during a grace period, followed by a fighting phase where the last team standing wins. The game has over 8 adjustable settings, providing many customization options.

Creator: Bansed and Henkie_Online MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-03-29 Downloads: 6,189
(16 votes)
File Size: 17.4 MB

Christmas Party Hitman

You have been assigned 3 high priority targets that will be attending a Christmas party. Your mission is to infiltrate the party & eliminate the targets by any means necessary. Avoid Security if you can & try not to kill any civilians. Good Luck! *Hint* There are multiple ways to kill each target...

Creator: Bloody_Duckers MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-12-27 Downloads: 6,186
(132 votes)
File Size: 136.1 MB

Infested Lands

My first CTM map I have made. I am rather proud with how it turned out. No wacky mechanics. Just classic, pure CTM.

Creator: Creepernick01 MC Version: 1.8.9
Date Added: 2019-04-06 Downloads: 6,182
(111 votes)
File Size: 2.7 MB

A Day in the Lab

A day in the Lab is a puzzle map like no other! You will follow along a storyline and solve puzzles on the way! Can you uncover the mysteries of the lab?

Creator: PurpleStriped MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2022-08-27 Downloads: 6,182
(31 votes)
File Size: 30.5 MB

Find The Button: Biomes

Find the button that takes you to the next level passing through several biomes!

Creator: Kozmyn17 MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2019-07-28 Downloads: 6,179
(50 votes)
File Size: 4.5 MB

Under Pressure

This is a unique map which requires you to jump across pressure plates, some of which are fake, and might break when you touch them. Try to get through the four levels and beat the map!

Creator: Unicraftinguy MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-09-26 Downloads: 6,176
(6 votes)
File Size: 829 KB

Halloween Night

This is a parkour with unusual Abilities for blocks, the map is made in the halloween style and gives the atmosphere of the holiday.

Creator: FarmerMP MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2018-11-10 Downloads: 6,168
(124 votes)
File Size: 694 KB

Beware 2

Are you looking for a REAL psychological horror experience in Minecraft? "Beware 2" is the map for you!

Creator: Cactus Maps MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2023-05-15 Downloads: 6,167
(57 votes)
File Size: 552 MB

Pad Parkour

Parkour on 3x3 pads in a varying range of themed stages. Simple but fun, estimated playtime, 20-40 minutes.

Creator: iiJake MC Version: 1.12
Date Added: 2017-06-12 Downloads: 6,165
(135 votes)
File Size: 965 KB

The Dust

A Small Desert Village With A Pretty Atmosphere By Twitter @SenpaiDaniel_

Creator: Daniel MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-27 Downloads: 6,164
(123 votes)
File Size: 30 MB

Flashback Hell I: Undergrove Jungle

The first adventure of the new CTM map series 'Flashback Hell' awaits you! Explore a mysterious jungle, discover the remains of an ancient civilization and try to survive in this dangerous world!

Creator: GeoCobra MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2022-09-19 Downloads: 6,162
(24 votes)
File Size: 28.6 MB

Parkour Tunnel

This is a parkour map with 15 levels! You will be in a tube where there is a lot of parkour! By the way on the map you'll can see custom mechanics!

Creator: Artem MC Version: 1.19.4
Date Added: 2023-05-15 Downloads: 6,162
(27 votes)
File Size: 5.3 MB

Ultra ParkOre

Most unique Parkour map EVER!! featuring 8 amazingly hard stages!

Creator: JacobRuby MC Version: 1.8.7
Date Added: 2015-07-31 Downloads: 6,161
(6 votes)
File Size: 867 KB

Save Santa Again!

Santa has been kidnapped by the Pumpkin King and you have to stop him! Travel across several different unique areas to solve puzzles, explore, parkour, and fight, to Save Santa!

Creator: ThatGuyIsWill MC Version: 1.15.1
Date Added: 2019-12-19 Downloads: 6,160
(80 votes)
File Size: 4.9 MB

Destroy the Wall

Complete a series of intellectual and skill-based mini games to destroy a wall of stone. Includes parkour, puzzle, dropper, and PvM.

Creator: My_Education MC Version: 1.9
Date Added: 2016-01-23 Downloads: 6,159
(107 votes)
File Size: 3.5 MB
Maps: Page 237 of 393

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