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Blood Manor: Sanctuary

Take your camera and enter this creepy building... Will you survive the nightmare ?

Creator: ludoetbenj MC Version: 1.13
Date Added: 2019-03-10 Downloads: 7,249
(107 votes)
File Size: 141 MB

The Triangle

With over 100 levels, The Triangle is our largest parkour yet! This map offers traditional parkour and built in mini games throughout it. We hope you enjoy this map!

Creator: ItsDandD MC Version: 1.14
Date Added: 2020-11-28 Downloads: 7,245
(336 votes)
File Size: 9.1 MB

A Lonely Mansion

While you were driving a car hit a stone in the road, causing your car too swerve off into a side road! Your car had slid through the mud and right into a big iron gate. You could easily see what needed to be fixed. And so, that is where the story shall begin!

Creator: SirWilius MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-20 Downloads: 7,243
(105 votes)
File Size: 4 MB

The Nightmare

Play through this short story about you facing the evil monster from your nightmare and your adventure to success.

Creator: Ben Gerwitz MC Version: 1.13
Date Added: 2018-11-21 Downloads: 7,239
(75 votes)
File Size: 31 MB

Dawn of Darkness

Save a blood-soaked world from an evil blight that has ravaged the land for centuries, all with the company of a voice and your instincts.

Creator: Kahlzara MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2021-03-05 Downloads: 7,238
(103 votes)
File Size: 192 MB


Spine-Chilling: A Silent Hill inspired horror map! You've been here before. Silent Hill, a seemingly abandoned town where strange horrors lurk and new terrifying surprises are always waiting just around the corner. Explore the town of Silent Hill, solve its puzzles and defeat its monsters... or die trying.

Creator: (EHT) MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-10-30 Downloads: 7,219
(313 votes)
File Size: 68.96 MB

Cloud Skyblock

Looking for a new challenge? Maybe you can play Cloud Skyblock! This is a Skyblock with a little twist: you are in a cloud very high in the sky! This skyblock as 4 overworld islands and 4 nether islands. Each nether island has its own nether biome. There are challenges for you to complete. Will you complete them all? There's also a hidden end portal in order to kill the Enderdragon.

Creator: Warshito and Jalafito MC Version: 1.20.1
Date Added: 2023-07-09 Downloads: 7,212
(28 votes)
File Size: 7.6 MB

Friki Jiki's Death Run

Introducing Friki Jiki's Death Run - for 1.15.2 A Fun, fast paced Map with Super Speed Parkour, Blind Leaps of Faith, Dangerous Mobs and a Killer Sound Track. Do you have what it takes to complete the Course in 21 minutes or less? Find out Today!

Creator: MikeLeonCraft MC Version: 1.15.2
Date Added: 2020-03-06 Downloads: 7,210
(137 votes)
File Size: 66 MB

The Pumpkin King

The Pumpkin King needs you to do something for him. It is almost halloween and he needs you to collect some items for him, though he does not tell you why...

Creator: ThatGuyIsWill MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2017-10-26 Downloads: 7,202
(308 votes)
File Size: 1.1 MB

Capture the Flag

A CTF map made by MrSlimeYT and EndSlayer800.

Creator: EndSlayer800 MC Version: 1.10
Date Added: 2016-06-25 Downloads: 7,196
(103 votes)
File Size: 582 KB

Lavender Town

This is a Minecraft remake of a creepy short game about the missing lavender town frequencies. A map by WhoAteMyButter. Original made by supmaster004.

Creator: WhoAteMyButter MC Version: 1.12
Date Added: 2017-10-21 Downloads: 7,187
(227 votes)
File Size: 3.1 MB


A non-traditional parkour where you have to design parkour route yourself! Can you complete this series of challenge with your proficient use of different types of blocks?

Creator: CCKNB MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-09-26 Downloads: 7,182
(347 votes)
File Size: 1.9 MB

Mr. Parkour 2

The most colorful parkour map, now with special effects and a level editor!

Creator: NICO_THE_PRO MC Version: 1.9.2
Date Added: 2016-04-12 Downloads: 7,179
(147 votes)
File Size: 2.95 MB

Parkour Escaper

Parkour Escaper is an Escape Room / Parkour style game, filled with mind-boggling puzzles and an interesting story, waiting to be uncovered. Explore the map, solve puzzles, and try to get out.

Creator: FZ Brothers MC Version: 1.17.1
Date Added: 2021-10-20 Downloads: 7,179
(205 votes)
File Size: 1.4 MB

The Great Coal Heist

Everyone is Greedy... Right?

Creator: Jimsack MC Version: 1.8.8
Date Added: 2015-12-15 Downloads: 7,175
(41 votes)
File Size: 8 MB
Maps: Page 215 of 393

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