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3. Guilt v7.68
4. Parkour Isle v1.0.2

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The Illusion Bot

Kidnapped by an evil bot, you need to proof humans aren't worthless! Are you ready to save the world?

Creator: MikeCreatorMaps MC Version: 1.11.2
Date Added: 2017-02-04 Downloads: 8,833
(267 votes)
File Size: 851 KB

The Last Crystal

You are thrown into an abandoned prison by your town. You must now find your way out. On the way, you run into someone you'd never expect. You get lead down an unexpected adventure to save all humanity.

Creator: PrestonEpicNess MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2020-11-17 Downloads: 8,826
(135 votes)
File Size: 10.4 MB

Impossible Escape

Minecraft Escape map! It has many different levels like Maze, Secret Entrances, Dungeon, find the door, MLG, parkour, and many more......

Creator: Krishiv MC Version: 1.16.4
Date Added: 2022-01-19 Downloads: 8,823
(154 votes)
File Size: 5.2 MB


You have been sent to the Vladivostok city, to get into the "KROT-II" facility, which is located deep underwater to find out what happened and why no one gets in touch with the head quarters...

Creator: LGSC team MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2023-07-12 Downloads: 8,816
(131 votes)
File Size: 88.3 MB

Rocket Jump Parkour

Use a bow that shoots explosions to progress through several parkour stages and a few other rocket launcher minigames. Playable on Minecraft 1.19 to 1.19.2

Creator: Mr_Kheese MC Version: 1.19.2
Date Added: 2022-12-08 Downloads: 8,815
(29 votes)
File Size: 26.3 MB


Under is a one-of-a-kind puzzle map for Minecraft 1.8.8. It features 18 unique systems, 20+ levels, and includes Singleplayer and bonus co-op levels.

Creator: SilverTuxedo MC Version: 1.8.8
Date Added: 2015-11-30 Downloads: 8,811
(17 votes)
File Size: 21 MB

Sector Surge!

This is a new map from TicksTox, featuring 12 different jump types, 30 levels, and over 2000 blocks of parkour!

Creator: TicksTox MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2016-01-13 Downloads: 8,808
(67 votes)
File Size: 4 MB

Evernight - Chapter 1

A portal found in a deep cavern, leading you a mysterious dimension once ruled by 7 gems, but now the gems are scattered around the realm by unknown force and reason, causing the realm to stuck in eternal night. To go back to where you belong, you must retrieve the gems and save this world by conquering many kinds of challenges and bosses, and the mystery of this realm slowly unfolds as you progress.

Creator: Enzo MC Version: 1.18.2
Date Added: 2022-07-07 Downloads: 8,806
(146 votes)
File Size: 200 MB

Mr. Parkour

The most colorful and crazy parkour map you ever seen!

Creator: NICO_THE_PRO MC Version: 1.9
Date Added: 2016-03-24 Downloads: 8,806
(156 votes)
File Size: 494.45 KB


A fully voice-acted, narrator puzzle map played from the POV of a test subject. Your standard way of movement is taken away and your task is to find unusual ways to progress through the course.

Creator: SimonDMCPlayer MC Version: 1.17
Date Added: 2021-07-03 Downloads: 8,806
(92 votes)
File Size: 8.8 MB

Vacant Evil

Running from an anonymous murder is pretty scary, you have to escape so he can't get you. But what if he already can't? 

Creator: Splaginty MC Version: 1.12
Date Added: 2017-08-15 Downloads: 8,801
(213 votes)
File Size: 30.99 MB


This adventure map is perfect. With custom textures, models and achievements, which are also perfect. Are you perfect?

Creator: PmkExpert external MC Version: 1.11.2
Date Added: 2017-03-28 Downloads: 8,800
(202 votes)
File Size: 1.1 MB

Rainbow Rise

Complete 16 colorful levels of puzzle, parkour and more!! All in a giant rainbow tower!!

Creator: AsianPlaneBoi MC Version: 1.14.2
Date Added: 2019-07-01 Downloads: 8,789
(50 votes)
File Size: 1 MB

The Room

You are in an identical room maze.

Creator: Jpvandyck MC Version: 1.10.2
Date Added: 2016-11-11 Downloads: 8,772
(282 votes)
File Size: 1.35 MB

Simply Pete's Parkour

Enjoy Simply Parkour 1 and 2? Enjoy Pete's Parkour? Then enjoy this epic combination!

Creator: HuntmanJ MC Version: 1.12
Date Added: 2017-06-12 Downloads: 8,769
(543 votes)
File Size: 449 KB
Maps: Page 185 of 393

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