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3. Guilt v7.68
4. Parkour Isle v1.0.2

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You have 24 hours (in game) to save your wife, solve quests/sidequest, get hints and rescue her.

Creator: McTsts/EnderPig external MC Version: 1.11
Date Added: 2016-11-27 Downloads: 6,617
(232 votes)
File Size: 799 KB

Armed Zombies

In this map, you should clean a building from zombies. For this, you will receive a gun to kill the zombies. You should reach the highest floor of the building.

Creator: Sdrf1445 MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-04-23 Downloads: 6,617
(82 votes)
File Size: 1.4 MB

Mr.Herobrine's Mansion

Explore the rooms to gather loot to help in defeating the bosses. Tasks happen randomly. Are you up to the challenge?

Creator: Legopitstop MC Version: 1.16.3
Date Added: 2020-10-30 Downloads: 6,615
(78 votes)
File Size: 9.91 MB

Where You At Parkour 2

Parkour your way through mineshafts, villages, dungeons and more in this fun and challenging medium length 1.8 map!

Creator: badguerrilla MC Version: 1.8.8
Date Added: 2015-11-26 Downloads: 6,596
(6 votes)
File Size: 5.1 MB

The Glitcher 4

Bring back memories with the renewal of the Glitcher series in The Glitcher 4!

Creator: Mine 52 Team MC Version: 1.12.1
Date Added: 2017-08-04 Downloads: 6,596
(60 votes)
File Size: 5.3 MB

Find the Button: Mystery Button

7 levels. Find all of the buttons!

Creator: CornCraft Games MC Version: 1.9.4
Date Added: 2017-02-02 Downloads: 6,592
(99 votes)
File Size: 3.22 MB

Parkour In One Command

One Command Parkour In exactly what it says, a one command parkour map! This map generates randomly and is very fun! Race your friends or play by yourself in this fun adventure.

Creator: FantomLX MC Version: 1.9
Date Added: 2016-02-21 Downloads: 6,591
(100 votes)
File Size: 8.38 KB


You have one friend and he asks you to go find all the bags in a mansion. Can you do it? If you can, just come in :)

Creator: JackboneGamerTV MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2017-12-22 Downloads: 6,591
(277 votes)
File Size: 2.91 MB

Parkour Rise

Structures and Biomes all in this map. Parkour for admiring those scenic grandeur. Parkour Rise ... Let's see  

Creator: cPog, JstL, AlphaBruh2048 MC Version: 1.19.3
Date Added: 2023-01-07 Downloads: 6,588
(24 votes)
File Size: 11.47 MB

42 Levels With a Hat

There are 42 levels! Throw your hat and use it as a block like in Super Mario Odyssey!

Creator: TheblueMan003 external MC Version: 1.13.1
Date Added: 2018-11-04 Downloads: 6,582
(130 votes)
File Size: 731 KB

Ultimate Parkour by kids for kids

This is a parkour map for kids. I'm just 7 and this is my first map effort. I'm sure your kids will love it.  It's very long, but not too difficult. Great for kids of all ages, or anyone who loves Minecraft. No tears, just fun!

Creator: BunBun Abadu MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-27 Downloads: 6,581
(159 votes)
File Size: 1.5 MB

The 10 Buttons

This is a find the button map for 1.12.2. It will become progressively more challenging as you go on, so stay determined! This is co-op friendly.

Creator: Aidan P MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2019-06-07 Downloads: 6,575
(80 votes)
File Size: 6.3 MB

This Is Not a Parkour Map?

You find yourself in a mysterious world. It seems to be an innocent parkour map, but trust me, this is NOT a parkour map.

Creator: GuyEJT MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2018-01-03 Downloads: 6,574
(342 votes)
File Size: 5.12 MB

Secrets of the Egyptian Gods

Can you solve all the Puzzles the Gods have to offer in the Desert Temple?

Creator: YUTIX, Salzmeister MC Version: 1.18.2
Date Added: 2022-04-18 Downloads: 6,573
(39 votes)
File Size: 30 MB

Hidden Rooms

A multi room puzzle including parkour and challenging mazes. Designed for one player but can be played with two.

Creator: Sushimanz MC Version: 1.16.1
Date Added: 2020-08-09 Downloads: 6,572
(91 votes)
File Size: 10.6 MB
Maps: Page 228 of 393

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