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Escape of the Mind II: The Edge of Perception  

Sequel to the hit puzzle map Escape of the Mind, this map, like its predecessor, is half puzzle map, half optical illusion.

Creator: Billith MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-31 Downloads: 38,022
(9 votes)
Comments: 29

Scope Survival  

The map was originally created for my own sake to experience feeling of playing my own survival map. But later it was decided to improve map and to post it, so people can freely play on it.

Creator: Mangekyou MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-29 Downloads: 27,943
(14 votes)
Comments: 8

Last Jump Hero  

Jump 'n' Run parkour map for minecraft, for up to three players.

Creator: Mehlie MC Version: 1.3.2
Date Added: 2012-07-29 Downloads: 250,740
(69 votes)
Comments: 45


A Minecraft rendition of the popular horror game, SLENDER.

Creator: Taiizor MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-26 Downloads: 133,580
(28 votes)
Comments: 44

You're Screwed  

Hello, and welcome to the map where we assure that You're Screwed. You will find yourself dying either by swimming in lava, drowning, or even jumping into endless holes. When that happens, that's when you'll remember the map name. You're Screwed.

Creator: aLi n dAvE MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-21 Downloads: 53,929
(31 votes)
Comments: 27


Desertour is a challenging parkour map for minecraft, set in the desert. You play the role of an assistant to Queen Cleopatra.

Creator: El_Dabo MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-21 Downloads: 56,439
(25 votes)
Comments: 10

Rise From Hell  

Rise from hell. Reach the haven. Collect your reward. CAUTION: Extremely difficult and frustrating.

Creator: Taiizor MC Version: 1.7
Date Added: 2012-07-21 Downloads: 44,872
(37 votes)
Comments: 14

Mushroom Island Survival  

You are deserted on an island in the middle of the vast ocean, yet this is no ordinary island, it is...a mushroom island.

Creator: Boomlaka MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-18 Downloads: 41,753
(17 votes)
Comments: 17

Ice Cap Zone  

It's not Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3, it's better than that!

Creator: Darko180 MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-18 Downloads: 33,462
(18 votes)
Comments: 7


Finding yourself isolated in a completely dark and small building with no means of escape, you must fight for survival with the very limited resources available to you.

Creator: Taiizor MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-16 Downloads: 57,008
(16 votes)
Comments: 31

Fun World Amusement Park  

Fun World is a Minecraft amusement park with 16 atractions and some secrets for you to find! Where will you go next?

Creator: Guy_With_A_Stick MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-07-15 Downloads: 67,172
(37 votes)
Comments: 18

Heaven Run: Unlimited  

This is a challenging parkour map. When you start to run you can only sprint. You cant stop. If you run this under 1:30 you are very good in parkour.

Creator: El Lukette MC Version: 1.4.7
Date Added: 2012-07-14 Downloads: 64,496
(37 votes)
Comments: 17

D. I. T. A. Laboratories  

Welcome test subjects. Today you have been volunteered to take a numerous amount of tests in the name of science!!!!

Creator: AirsoftRules MC Version: 1.3.2
Date Added: 2012-07-01 Downloads: 64,176
(13 votes)
Comments: 33

Sandstone Caverns  

Welcome to the Sandstone Caverns Puzzle map! This map includes over 16 new puzzles and challenges to endure! This map also features a scoring system, brain puzzles, adventure puzzles, parkour challenges and much, much more! Do you have what it takes to complete the Sandstone Caverns?

Creator: AGVgaming MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-06-30 Downloads: 32,628
(13 votes)
Comments: 11


Pillar is a custom survival map that was inspired by Skyblock Survival and Neus. It has various locations such as mines and dungeons with glorified loot of every kind like brewing to enchanting to just plain weapons.

Creator: Compaq222 MC Version: 1.2.5
Date Added: 2012-06-28 Downloads: 34,542
(19 votes)
Comments: 8
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