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The Crook's Crime  

You are on a puzzling mission to heist five banks and "get their loot".

Creator: Josh_98765 MC Version: 1.9
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 9,000
(6 votes)
Comments: 41

The Box 12M, Episode 1: Test Boxes  

Episode 1 of The Box 12M.

Creator: chompy33 MC Version: 1.8.7
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 3,677
(3 votes)
Comments: 16

Minecraft Ninja Warrior  

Jump, leap, and parkour your way across two different parkour courses based on the popular television series Ninja Warrior!

Creator: LuckyG / NeoMc MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 60,882
(138 votes)
Comments: 12

Heaven's Spheres  

A new CTM map, 36 blocks to find for a long funny experience!

Creator: NGCYukin MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 76,995
(346 votes)
Comments: 62

The Time Crystal  

Take on a journey filled with puzzles and parkour, in search of the Time Crystal.

Creator: RaymanM2 MC Version: 1.8.7
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 5,943
(7 votes)
Comments: 6

Puzzle Trio  

A challenging 3 Player Puzzle/Adventure Map.

Creator: Plagiatus MC Version: 1.11
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 51,423
(146 votes)
Comments: 41

Puzzle Levelz  

This is a puzzle map with 16 different rounds.

Creator: MarkTPG MC Version: 1.8.4
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 9,182
(9 votes)
Comments: 29

Space Stuck  

You like to jump? I hope so, because, in this map, if you stop to jump, you die. Are you up to the challenge?

Creator: PmkExpert author MC Version: 1.8.7
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 4,516
(5 votes)
Comments: 5

Hide and Seek  

Hide, seek, and hunt. Search for weapons, Camp, Sneak, and fight against your friends in a fun and unique multi-player PVP map. For 2-4 Players.

Creator: Zed_99 MC Version: 1.8.6
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 29,790
(72 votes)
Comments: 0

Flying Islands of Harmony  

Seven flying islands, connected with wooden bridges. Green grass, a blue sky, colourful flowers, old trees and a relaxing atmosphere awaits you.

Creator: Thryzaar MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 16,156
(79 votes)
Comments: 10

Sheep Factory  

A glitch had occurred where everyone forgot what made sheep so fluffy. Aaron established the sheep factory and made sheep.

Creator: PiCookie, Mirk MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-28 Downloads: 4,513
(9 votes)
Comments: 12

Eternity Parkour  

An infinite parkour map that randomly generates as you complete jumps! An extremely addicting type of parkour.

Creator: Zenithian4 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-24 Downloads: 35,913
(50 votes)
Comments: 8

Hotel Speedrun  

Welcome To Hotel Speed Run! In this map you will run through obstacles, race your friends, and have lots of fun!

Creator: FantomLX MC Version: 1.8.7
Date Added: 2015-07-23 Downloads: 14,129
(4 votes)
Comments: 11

Can the Blocks Disappear?  

This is a short but fun and original parkour map.

Creator: Pol MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-23 Downloads: 8,374
(5 votes)
Comments: 1

Monster Spawner Survival  

A Minecraft survival map. Use different monster spawners to survive for as long as you can!

Creator: pengiboy1999 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-07-22 Downloads: 21,988
(46 votes)
Comments: 22
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