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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps can be a little bit of everything in terms of mechanics. They usually contain a story for you to follow as well.


Quantum Labs  

Living in a somewhat modern city, you get a job as an intern at the organization Quantum Labs. Who will you meet? What technology will you see? And What secrets will you reveal?

Creator: Cloud_Wolf external MC Version: 1.10.2
Date Added: 2016-07-27 Downloads: 32,411
(512 votes)
Comments: 138

The Four Winds  

Step into the shoes of Ilota, a young warrior, about to undergo fierce challenge to become a true warrior.

Creator: Axel Darkblade MC Version: 1.10.2
Date Added: 2016-07-22 Downloads: 7,646
(227 votes)
Comments: 28

SolveIT Case 5: High Risk High Mountain  

A small town, an old castle, a movie set, and under the sea... You have been so many places and solved their mysteries.

Creator: CompSciGirl523 external MC Version: 1.10.2
Date Added: 2016-07-21 Downloads: 12,526
(271 votes)
Comments: 120

Second Dream  

You're a detective trying to figure out the lost mysteries of your past.

Creator: Paulverized MC Version: 1.9.4
Date Added: 2016-07-17 Downloads: 12,390
(287 votes)
Comments: 59

The Trials of Xavier  

Puzzle/Parkour adventure map with a story. You don't know why you're here, but from the moment that someone speaks, your adventure begins.

Creator: DiomndCreeprKing MC Version: 1.10.2
Date Added: 2016-07-17 Downloads: 4,617
(133 votes)
Comments: 16


This is an advanced two player co-op map packed with extreme action and suspense.

Creator: SlaimCraft MC Version: 1.10
Date Added: 2016-07-10 Downloads: 73,883
(692 votes)
Comments: 230

Portal Woods  

A magic forest with portals to other dimensions. Find out who you are and save the world.

Creator: Gahlifrex MC Version: 1.9.4
Date Added: 2016-07-09 Downloads: 9,681
(158 votes)
Comments: 39

Anti-Apocalypse Agency  

This is a 2 player co-op map. When a terrorist organization plans to launch all the nuclear missiles in the world, the agents from the Anti-Apocalypse Agency has to stop them.

Creator: TheMoris MC Version: 1.10
Date Added: 2016-07-06 Downloads: 84,390
(880 votes)
Comments: 194

Mizzle III - Linked Souls  

Explore a mysterious cave, meet strangers and blow up the universe. What could go wrong?

Creator: Mlakuss MC Version: 1.10
Date Added: 2016-07-02 Downloads: 12,018
(249 votes)
Comments: 27

The Golden Chalice of Kurast  

The Golden Chalice of Kurast is an epic Minecraft adventure with a quest driven storyline that has you battling to save the life of Princess Alusair.

Creator: Azounstone MC Version: 1.9.4
Date Added: 2016-06-30 Downloads: 41,947
(448 votes)
Comments: 114

SolveIT Case 4: Something Fishy  

Cornerstone? Found. Queen's Helm? Recovered. Sabotage on the Set? Stopped. Three mysteries under your belt you are ready for the next!

Creator: CompSciGirl523 external MC Version: 1.10
Date Added: 2016-06-20 Downloads: 15,435
(342 votes)
Comments: 148

The Easiest Adventure Map™  

A self-referential parody where the aim is to fail at every stage of your adventure. Can YOU succeed in failure?

Creator: Armystuntman MC Version: 1.8.9
Date Added: 2016-06-07 Downloads: 39,282
(629 votes)
Comments: 106

The Redstone Path  

Hello and welcome to my new adventure map! The Redstone Path is a adventure map I made completely out of boredom and it came out like this. 

Creator: SrZambie MC Version: 1.9
Date Added: 2016-06-06 Downloads: 15,192
(260 votes)
Comments: 39

The Journey for the Enchanted Crest  

This is a huge open world RPG, full of side quests, towns, castles, and other amazing builds.

Creator: mick_5 external MC Version: 1.8.9
Date Added: 2016-06-02 Downloads: 41,020
(479 votes)
Comments: 477

Adventurous Scenario 1 - Chicken's Courage  

Control a chicken that wishes they could one day fly.

Creator: Mithey external MC Version: 1.9.4
Date Added: 2016-05-31 Downloads: 21,785
(298 votes)
Comments: 53
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