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When Pigs Take Over 2

Created by Sockmonster007

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Are you ready to jump into the squeal? Become King Pig's soldier and fight a battle to become one with the pig.

This map is single player, but it may also work with multi player.

Be prepared to fight.



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Creator: Sockmonster007
(273 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 867 KB
Added: 2017-02-04
Downloads: 19,160
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 Dead Doornail These maps are great and always make me laugh.Good Job Sockmonster!

2019-07-31 13:28

0 herobrinegamer274 guys drop your pickaxe down the whole and build up with emralds

2018-05-06 13:27

+7 Grace I'm stuck in the emerald vault. Please someone help

2017-11-05 21:18

+4 PacManPlays I loved these maps and I played through all three on my channel, please check them out!!
Here's a link to the second map:

2017-04-12 15:43

+7 CreeperWolf OMG This was Amazing pls make a third map. pls pls pls

2017-03-04 20:20

+1 LightingNinja this map is soo good. Sorry I'm so impatient LOL but PLEASE I'm waiting for the third map!!!

2017-03-01 14:18

+4 Andrew Its my favorite map love it

2017-02-24 01:30

+2 LightingNinja Awesome Map!! PLEASE MAKE PART 3 PLZPLZPLZPLZ

2017-02-21 19:23

+1 ThePaletteGamers! Hey, just letting you know we uploaded a play-through of your map on our Youtube Channel, with a link to this page. Great work and Keep it up!

2017-02-20 02:59

+5 James Tell me theres gonna be a 2nd sequel!

2017-02-18 19:45

+6 TheRedCreeper187 I LOVED IT!!! DO A PART 3 OR IL MAKE YOU A PIG!!!

2017-02-17 21:25

+14 Sockmonster007 Hello! I am glad to announce that I will start on making the 3rd map soon. It may not come out until a while do to school and track. I am also sorry for all the bugs like the pig men soldiers not being there, and some other stuff. Thank you!

2017-02-17 04:00

+4 CMANtheGreat I love both maps, and I sincerely hope you make more. Thanks for giving me a good time!

2017-02-16 19:37

+1 pro Quoting Pug42:
How do i start? There's lapis blocking the way.

you go in the book and press start

2017-02-13 05:41

+1 Sockmonster007 I am sorry for the command block redstone clock. The reason why it constantly breaks redstone blocks if because I forgot to turn the gamerule that didn't allow those to keep coming. It is only at false for a few seconds including the end. The reason why it is false is so you can mine the emeralds.

2017-02-13 02:23

+6 ChristianAidan Please. Make. A. Part 3! THIS IS AWESOME! Can't wait! Great job, Sockmonster007! Can't wait for PT. 3! Please make one!

2017-02-12 00:24

+6 Matt10y WHEN PIGS TAKE OVER THREE PLEASE! Oh and make it where the chickens are slaves!

2017-02-11 23:38

0 Pug42 How do i start? There's lapis blocking the way.

2017-02-11 02:05

+6 Legion It was an interesting map and all but left quite a bit of room for improvement. You should have used /tellraw instead of /say. Not only would it give the map a bit more polished feel, it would have read better.
Anyways. I think it's a pretty good story and stuff, and I liked the fact that it has several MC jokes in it. There was one thing in your commands that really bugs me though. (no I didn't go hunt through your code for errors...this thing was OBVIOUS) You had what looks like a command block clock that constantly places redstone blocks and destroys them simultaneously. The huge number one problem with this is the overload of redstone block entities that gather around said clock almost instantaneously and don't disappear. I picked up better than an inven full that was lying on the ground, turned the clock off, and then turned it back on, and probably in roughly 30 seconds the same amount was sprawled all over the place. This could make the game lag and I suggest you find a workaround.
But, like I said, it was a neat map. I'm interested to see where this goes. :)

2017-02-10 23:39

-1 Gabsport1 Just did a playthrough on my channel! Come check it out! :D

2017-02-10 03:06

+3 Wolf and Pup Thanks for another awesome map! Looking forward to more. :) Here's our playthrough:

2017-02-07 08:00

+2 JayPigGaming Thanks for another awesome map. I just finished making a video on this and am hoping to upload it tomorrow.

2017-02-07 01:19

+3 TYLER i liked the first one but i got stuck in the vault could some one help me

2017-02-06 22:14

+4 DUCKOOL hahaha this map was really funny :D Can't wait for the third map? ;) my LP:

2017-02-05 20:11

+1 saintvladamirjr GREAT map but it has sooooooo much more potential!

2017-02-05 17:58

0 robot awesome map was so cool to be a pig

2017-02-05 16:58

0 Red_King_Cyclops I really liked this map. Here is a list of things I liked:

--> For the whole of this map, the player wore a zombie-pig-man- head, which made sense because the player was a pig soldier.
--> The cameras in Pig Tower rotated, which was really cool.
--> Infiltrating the enemy base was a really cool mission, because it reminded me of spy maps.
--> The builds in this map were great, my favourite being the enemy base.

I like the map, however, there were some problems:

--> I found a plot hole; so if the King Pig was so powerful, powerful enough to teleport the player from a vault to his office, why didn't he
directly teleport the player into the vault, have him/her collect all the emeralds, and then teleport the player back to Pig Tower?

-->The fact that you used a say command for the player's dialogue/monolo gue wasn't the most advanced decision in the world, though many
other map makers have done this, too. Here is a command you can use as a format for player dialogue/monolo gue: " /tellraw @a {"text":"[","co lor":"","extra" :[{"selector":" @p"},{"text":"] "},{"text":""}] } " (sorry if the
command doesn't work; I didn't test it. Also, for it to work, you need replace certain things with stuff such as "").

--> Maybe there wasn't enough genres of game-play (such as PvE, parkour, puzzle, etc.) in the actual mission, though I didn't really care
about this absence.

Overall, this is a very likeable map. I've played the original, and I recommend you to do the same, and then play this map. Honestly, I'd like to see a third map, and maybe even an ongoing series.


2017-02-05 12:42

0 Haurebay An improvement from before. Good map.

2017-02-05 10:42

0 PepCrafter This was really awesome! I think part 2 was even better then part 1. I hope you will make another part!

2017-02-05 10:16

0 StrayGoat I really hope PopularMMOs plays this map!!!! i love it!

2017-02-05 07:38


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