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The Pumpkin King

Created by ThatGuyIsWill

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Map Info

"The Pumpkin King" Is a minecraft adventure map that has you working for the pumpkin king!

It is almost halloween and he is very busy..So he needs some help from you to get some items for him, though he did not tell you why he needs those items.

He will have you go through puzzles, parkour and much more!


Extra Info

  • Map Length - 15-25 Minutes
  • Version - 1.12.2 Or Higher!
  • If you are stuck in the map check out this walkthrough!


Found an issue? Or just wan't to check out what I do?

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If you have any feedback please let me know in the comments as it helps me improve in the future!


Map Details

Creator: ThatGuyIsWill
(308 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2017-10-26
Downloads: 7,051
Category: Adventure Maps


0 NiceGame The maps are fun, but I'm still not in the mood for the ending.

2021-10-31 08:36

+1 Coolwolf173 Right at the beginning of the map after I had spoken to the pumpkin king I wasn't given the axe to break the flower so I got stuck before I could even begin.

2021-10-20 17:47

0 Thempress Tea Hey! I made a video of your map. c:

I really loved the premise and the endings! For some reason, the events didn't activate without manual work (I may have played it in the wrong version on accident), but I still enjoyed it a lot! Your FTB-esque puzzle and parkours were actually challenging for me, but doable! I'd love to play more maps by you in the future.

2021-10-15 00:35

-1 Amelia Quoting LOL:
I have blue yellow and red in snow valley, were is number 4 wool?

When you enter the Snow Valley turn to your right then the first tree that you see that is touching the wall is where the Lime Wool (4th wool) is

2017-11-07 08:44

+8 Sophia When it said "i need to show you something" and it brought me back to the Christmas land, but I'm stuck, it won't say anything

2017-11-05 03:37

-2 Fortune Ventures Another nice map! Thank you :D *loved the puzzles*! :D If you want to check it out:

2017-11-02 22:13

-1 LOL I have blue yellow and red in snow valley, were is number 4 wool?

2017-11-01 22:01

-2 B8 nothing worked it looked like you were just lazy and didn't even care to do it very bad 0 out of 10 stars

2017-10-31 23:24

0 ItsHavo Loved this map, was a lot of fun to play. Everything worked 100%, unlike many of the other maps I've played and the storyline was complete, not broken and confusing. Also, it's easy to follow and pretty much impossible to mess up. Takes time and thought to complete, has a good, simple plot, really well done.

2017-10-29 21:37

+2 ManWhoKnewMuch Found the cinematic!:

2017-10-29 19:33

-1 MinecraftGod737 is this a good map im living streaming it on Halloween I just want to know is it good?

2017-10-28 19:28

-1 Hello This map is really annoying. I had to go from creative to adventure and back to creative to fix the redstone.. In the end I just quit.

2017-10-28 14:12

+1 ThatGuyIsWill Quoting Random person #12:
I'm stuck in the easter bunny land

Please check out the walkthrough above this section underneath "Extra Info"

2017-10-27 22:03

+1 ThatGuyIsWill Quoting awesomely2002:
Honestly, that map was not good at all. Half the stuff didn't even work, I had to fix it myself. 1/5 stars.

I am sorry to hear that. Please answer this questions if you see this comment :D

Were you on 1.12.2? - If not this could cause command block corruption, and the map could be nearly unplayable

2017-10-27 15:07

+1 ThatGuyIsWill Quoting ZeroTheNotSoHero:
Can i Play this In Multiplayer?

Yes you can!

2017-10-27 15:06

+2 Random person #12 I'm stuck in the easter bunny land

2017-10-27 11:40

0 ZeroTheNotSoHero Can i Play this In Multiplayer?

2017-10-27 02:40

-1 awesomely2002 Honestly, that map was not good at all. Half the stuff didn't even work, I had to fix it myself. 1/5 stars.

2017-10-27 01:38

+1 GeorgeTheCat There's a problem with the redstone after you choose the Agree Ending, it teleports you, then it just stops.

2017-10-26 20:33


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