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The Lost Treasure of King Anubus

Created by xDeathEater19x

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Map Trailer:
The Lost Treasure of King Anubus Trailer

Map Info:
You are just a novice Explorer who has been chosen by world renowned archeologist Professor Applegate, to explore a possible region involved in the tomb of the great King Anubus. Do you have what it takes to find the tomb and the treasure or have you bitten of a little more than you can chew?

There are several new things with version 2:

1) Updated the map and mechanisms to 1.4.7
2) Rewired a lot of redstone for smoother running
3) Fixed grammer and spelling errors
4) Took feedback from videos and posts and implemented them into the map

New Things:
1) Added new material/challenges to the main story line
2) Added slightly new story line
3) Added several (5) new side quests
4) Added new gear and rewards

*Even if you have previously downloaded and played the map, I suggest downloading and playing again because everything is new and you will get a completely different experience from the map

There are also 65 hidden emeralds in the map. Find as many as you can and post your score in the thread to see if you have the highest score.

If you're unsure that you want to play the map why not just check out the screenshots to help you decide?


Thanks for downloading! And I hope you enjoy the map!

Recommended Texture pack is John Smith Craft

Map Details

Creator: xDeathEater19x
(13 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 21 MB
Added: 2012-08-14
Downloads: 40,644
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Rui It was a nice map! :)
56 emeralds!

2016-12-29 00:55

0 XDIESELX I've found 40 Emeralds!Nice map!:)

2015-06-25 21:42

0 Anonymous Great Map! Love the layout! :D

2015-05-29 23:34

+1 Xephire Found 65 emeralds. Enjoyed playing the map. The travel distances could've been shorter and the parkour parts could've been harder, but apart from that very well made!

2014-03-12 02:31

+5 Griffin You said that you fixed the grammar but you spelled grammar wrong..

2014-01-31 22:31

+3 alisa K I just started it and went to the tree and it said u can dig in this area I dug everywhere and can't find anything! help me what do I do?

2014-01-26 21:21

0 Ludu Just finished with 44 emeralds. I really enjoyed the map! Thanks!

2013-11-28 22:27

0 Mr.Boss I got the sand key from the big person or whatever it is and I got the ice key from the maze what do I do know?

2013-09-15 16:30

0 N1njacat I ended with 34 emeralds, 18 gold and diamond, and 16 gold nuggets! That would be awesome, if it wasn't only an adventure map and not also a survival map.....

Good map, dude.

2013-08-16 00:14

-5 roboboboy Can't find the 'odd tree' there was a tree with 'you can digg here' but i can't find anything. Help me plz

2013-07-12 13:50

+3 Minecraft Lover Awesome map i played it with my best friend id rate it 11/10 stars and we got 36 emeralds but my friend spended one so basicly we got 35 AWESOME MAP CREATOR hope you make more like this

2013-06-02 20:11

+1 Michael This map was great i got 55 emeralds.

2013-06-01 05:44

0 lukeawsome i got 52 emeralds this map was great i am definitely playing the sequel

2013-05-23 02:44

-1 ec 45 emeralds, this map was the best! It took me about 1 hour to finish.

2013-04-21 18:46

-1 zevenski I loved this map, good job on the building layouts

2013-04-03 16:26

0 Sharky and the Bear This map has an outstanding balance of story and action, which is tricky to accomplish. Also, Sharky And The Bear were here. Tell your friends.

2013-04-02 01:21

+8 Steve 55 Emeralds. I loved the map! My favourite parts were the side challenges, I liked those a lot, especially because they gave promising rewards :) I also liked the challenging difficulty, always having tonnes of mobs everywhere, but giving the right equipment :D The buildings were built really well, and I loved the fact that you didn't have to wait for the night time. I'm definitely going to try the Journey to Altec! Btw, DeathEater? Harry Potter High Five!

2013-02-20 15:38

+5 CWow 50 emeralds I love the map.

2013-02-17 15:54

+5 StellarGrape Loved the map! Only got 52 Emeralds though... I'll make sure to play The Sequel too!

2013-02-01 13:52

+4 Tommy I found 46 emeralds, good map.

2013-01-20 01:49

+7 Tra_kad While downloading this map, I am just wondering if it's supposed to be king anubis or anubus.
I'm a bit of a eygyption mythology nerd so yeah...

2012-12-02 20:18

+3 MiriMonkey 45
I liked it but I prefer Journey to Atlec!

2012-11-06 13:48

-21 ineptclutch 60 emeralds, was actually really boring.....3/10

2012-10-10 00:00

+9 BIGbigmac best adventure map in 1.3 i have played yet :)

2012-10-09 18:59

-11 xDeathEater19x oops! The old link was wrong! please check this one out

2012-10-09 18:33

+8 LCMPotsofGold I found 64 emeralds but it says there are only 63 hidden...Does that mean I win the Ultimate prize?

2012-10-07 22:47

+8 xDeathEater19x Hey guys, I'm so glad you liked it. Can you please check out this link. It is for donations. I have a lot typed in it that I can't type here so jump over there, read it and hear what I have to say about new maps!

2012-10-07 20:49

+9 carlierremy Awesome map, played it with my brothers, had about two hours of fun :)

2012-10-05 21:27

+5 MinecraftMan1 Quoting nchay:
my render distance was set on tiny so when i tried to take the boats i couldnt see the torches so i caouldnt play the map :( i would rate it 3/5 for now but if you make the torches close together i will probably rate it 5/5! :D

you could have changed your render distance

2012-10-05 19:43

+1 aWESome515 My gf and I got 60 emeralds:)

2012-10-04 19:15


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