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The Golden Temple of Endermen - ULTIMATE EDITION

Created by WTSMark

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Updated to the ULTIMATE EDITION, which includes many bug fixes, and changes to the world.

Map Info:
This is a challenging adventure map, made for minecraft. The Golden Temple of Endermen is set inside a temple, that features 20 rooms of unique challenges. This map can be played on both single-player and multi-player.

Play the map on normal mode, and use the beds as a checkpoint.

While you're playing, try to collect as many Diamonds, Golden Apples, Gold Ingots and Gold Blocks, as you can. Post your score on this thread.

Map Details

Creator: WTSMark
(20 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 6.98 MB
Added: 2012-05-20
Downloads: 44,267
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 random guy Awesome map! Thanks :D

2013-05-25 22:18

+1 Crash Rowsell My friend and I just completed this map, excellent map. We had a blast (literally and figuratively) and will be uploading the series to my channel PushPinGamer. Thanks for the awesome map!

2013-03-14 14:11

0 NavyPenguin1 I think im speaking for everyone here, THE QUICKSAND CHALLENGE SUCKS XD

2012-12-01 22:27

+1 Rainmaker2000 Im goin to do a lets play on this my youtube is NinjaProz88.

2012-11-11 22:30

+1 bilbo Yeah! its a good map.

2012-10-06 16:33

-3 Ude Hi, im getting the map now and i just wanna say i will make vids of this and post them on my channel (name=udeminer9 99999) i might post my score if i remember :)

2012-08-26 09:25


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