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The Facility

Created by DarkforceEos

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Map Info:
"In a maze of twisting steel hallways, will you face what haunts you, and escape, or will the shadows of your own mind take you?"

This is an adventure puzzle based map, with lots of PvE aspects. You're trapped in a facility that is built below bedrock, and the only way out is through the facility, but you're not alone here, and you will have to fight your way out.

This Map features lots of redstone, PvE, puzzles, a section of parkour, an interesting story, two endings, and two redstone boss battles!

This map will work on 1.7.2 and above.

Map Details

Creator: DarkforceEos
(23 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.7.2
Size: 1.7 MB
Added: 2014-08-26
Downloads: 57,963
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Kingedletsplays I just played the map for the second time! And again, i loved it. Great story line, really makes you feel important. Character dialogue was fantastic, it felt like you were in a movie. There may have been only one problem, at the end, the illusions room was somewhat unclear on if it was there or not, and you would have missed a lot of the storyline if you went straight to the maintenance room, Still loved it! Great redstone, landscape was amazing, You are capable of greater things than minecraft, I believe you may have the capabilities of becoming a writer, or something similar. The first time I played the map, i loved it, and this map will never get old. The gap from this one to the next one (I have heard rumours) has seemed like a long time. But I am hoping that another one is currently being developed, and I will defiantly be waiting! If there is any way I could be involved with either creating the map or helping to write the script, I would be happy out of my mind. Either way, I was amazed at how good this map was, and I don't think you will disappoint your players with your next one. I will be on the look out for the next one. But 11/10. Best map I have ever played. Better than herobrines mansion, (though it took a whole build team, and at least 20 people to make), and better than anything I think I will ever see (except for the sequel) Thank you so much for everything, and I hope I can leave another comment on your next map!

2016-07-19 05:43

0 iAlchemist Quoting Rickinho3:
What a cool map! Sequel coming soon?

Well, I'm the original map maker and I can confirm the sequel is in the works. It should be out sometime this summer, not exactly sure when though.

2016-03-31 16:42

0 lapod pewdershmit i loved the story, but the dispensers under the carpet would spawn zombies inside the dispenser block. so the zombies would die inside the blocks without attacking me(btw, im running 1.9). everything else worked perfectly. thanks for an epic map:)

2016-03-17 16:04

+1 Rickinho3 What a cool map! Sequel coming soon?

2016-03-13 20:58

0 MapPlayer I really liked this map. It reminded me of the Maze Runner series. In my opinion though there were to many swear words.

2016-02-20 04:56

0 TheAviatorDragon This was an awesome adventure map! Really trippy and cool story and very smooth overall. I liked it a lot, looking forward to a sequel! (Hint, hint ;))

2015-10-01 22:32

0 jdogduffy I Made a video ^.^

2015-09-25 02:02

+1 slingshotta Hey man, I just downloaded this map and played it. really enjoyed it. It got really suspenseful in the ending. I hope you can make a sequal

2015-08-03 01:16

+1 Random The map, after beating the face, broke and stopped. Was this supposed to happen?

2015-07-08 22:17

+3 ems1114 I took the Lab #1 way. I died, and spawned with jack and max saying stuff and was able to beat it in 3 minutes. Was this supposed to happen?!

2015-06-13 20:31

+1 _N04H_ Good map but too much harsh language


10/10 for the map though

2015-06-10 23:36

+2 flop I made a couple vids playing through this map. It seemed pretty good. Check out my thoughts here.

2015-05-10 21:25

+8 Mr.BigPotato Awesome. Completely awesome. Amazing redstone, storyline, villan, puzzles, EVERYTHING!

2015-04-14 20:53

+3 domis Its actualy the best adventure map i have EVER played it was so cool and the story line was just amazing but i had a problem in that large area (end game) when there was magma cubes and blazes i had to gamemode 1 to kill all the blazes because blazes Are OP... but still great map!! 10/10 Looking forward to the sequeal!!

2015-04-08 09:43

+6 Denislaw I LOVED the map but i don't know if it happened to anyone else but, Wheni die, it spawns me at the end of the map. Please fix or tell me a solution :( Want to finish the Map

2015-04-03 16:23

+1 JaneWolf Um should I have been able to win in 6 minutes?

2015-03-24 01:42

+5 ShadowSpirit999 I really enjoyed playing this map with my friend. It has a decent amount of playtime and a great story I definitely advise downloading it. I have, and still do play lots of adventure maps and this is definitely one of the best I have ever played.

2015-03-22 17:40

+4 Homie_steve this map was awesome! I loved the story..... one of the best maps i have ever played! if you have not played it make sure you do!

2015-03-15 03:35

0 Owen amazing map. please make a sequel. the chat went a little to fast and got a little confusing. this was the best map i have ever played.

2015-03-13 22:05

+4 FairGaming Great Map! I wish to meet you in person to thank you and congratulate you on your success. I can't wait for the sequel! Please don't hesitate making more than one

Thank you!!!

2015-02-24 02:46

+2 jacknife2014 that was great thank you SO much can't wait for the sequel
amazing redstone to great storyline
keep it up

2015-02-23 22:37

+7 slanebeg At the start i died because I'm so bad at fighting and got teleported near the end.i was really confused. i re-downloaded the map and didn't die so it all made sense.great map i loved it 21/10

2015-01-29 19:51

+3 MineGamer1234 Thanks DarkforceEos for the cool map! I like it when it was close to the end.The place where you fight zombies! Thanks for the awesome map! I even made a copy of it so when I finished playing it, I could play it again.

2015-01-03 07:23

+4 0silverphoenix Awesome map! I'm horrible at fighting, so I played through it on peaceful, but the story was great. You might want to set a spawn point at the beginning of the map though, because the first time I played I died in the beginning and was respawned at the very end. Besides that, I had a lot of fun playing it.

2014-12-02 01:27

-2 Have_U_Heard Great map!it gets a tad bit confusing around the end,but all in all, 10/10!

(Break the cycle)

2014-11-29 22:53

+2 Lanzini_ Awesome map, but there is a issue, when you die, you random respawn in the redstone circuit, instead, the map is really great, story, mobs, redstone system, awesome, if you do a sequel I would be extremely happy :)
I played twice for see both of ends, amazing.

2014-11-21 16:52

+2 Ellentrouble Amazing map! I loved every minute of it!

2014-11-15 11:16

-3 Parker123101 Sinec I'm terrible at fighting, I died early on and then found myself WAY ahead in the map and I was confused. It looked like it was a fun map but I honestly don't know because I guess I glitches and skipped a bunch? But it looked pretty cool! :)

2014-11-01 22:21

-1 PercyJ4 Great map
I didn't get the end because it is hard to read and fight at the same time
this was the most fun I've ever had with any map
looking forward to a sequel

2014-10-25 17:54

-5 Znomy i loves this map but one issue i had was that the red stone torch didnt go anywere snd so i had to breake carpet to get thru that door but otherwize i loved it

2014-10-18 20:29


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