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The Dungeon of Death

Created by Magic_Platypus

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Map Info

This my first map and it takes around 15 minutes to complete. It has been a little project of mine that took me a couple weeks to make.

I really hope you enjoy it! And once you have played it please post some feedback so that i can improve it.

You can also post how long it took you to beat the map in the comments (:


To install the map on PC simply goto %appdata% --> Roaming --> .minecraft --> saves and then drag the map in and extract it there.

Additional Info

My YouTube Page



  • Huge map overhaul!! Sorry for the long wait.
  • fixed Soldiers spawning too far after mini boss battle.
  • fixed boss battle door exploit
  • added fireworks at the end of the map
  • redone all the signs in the spawn area
  • added archer tower outside of the prison
  • added a path to a village called Yifford
  • added a "diary" found in the guards quaters.
  • added a wardrobe in captain Yurks room.
  • added custom dungeon of death banners and shields into the map.


Map Details

Creator: Magic_Platypus
(198 votes)
Version: 1.6
MC Version: 1.12.1
Size: 9.2 MB
Added: 2016-12-03
Downloads: 6,854
Category: Adventure Maps


Cade684 Quoting Guy of Randomness:
Well, it's fine until you die...
You can't get your items back if you die...

Yeah, I agree with him. I liked the map but you should have keepinventory and spawnpoints.

2016-12-15 16:50

LaggingHelper Quoting Guy of Randomness:
Well, it's fine until you die...
You can't get your items back if you die...

You can fix this by do following on your chat:
/gamerule KeepInventory true

2016-12-15 10:29

_Neqtral I like it but there are cheats that you can do for example you can just stand on the other side of door at the Guardian part and just keep on hitting him. Were you suppose to take the armor from the armor stand? Who knows? xD

2016-12-14 08:04

Guy of Randomness Well, it's fine until you die...
You can't get your items back if you die...

2016-12-11 09:13

Awesome_AA Very Good map! I can tell you spent a lot of effort on it. I especially like how you had the sword on invisible armor stand so you could pick it up, that was ingenious! Instead of dialogue books, you should use command blocks to do speech, and the boss arena at the end should be a bit bigger to fight in. I like the lava at the end then water below it. You should also make a firework ending or something, you deserve it! I think the monsters shouldn't keep spawning when you are near the points, it should either be already there, or just spawns once and not many times. The food scraps in the chef room, were you supposed to pick it up? Anyways, I LOVED the map!

2016-12-11 02:44

naruto i dont get how to kill the gaurdian like ive been hitting him for 1 hr

2016-12-08 12:30

Junip I really enjoyed playing your map. I have some things you could change in your next map though. There was a lot that easily could've been skipped (like the library) if one wouldn't really pay attention to it. Maybe incorporate everything more so you really have to go to those places to proceed in the map. Like others have already mentioned, the boss was a little too strong. i only got to beat him because he was too big to fit through the door and i kind of used that as a shield. If the door would close up behind the player, it would make the boss fight a little more challenging, and those kind of "bug uses" (like backing out of the room without the boss being able to follow you, thus standing on the other side of the door, being an easy target) wouldn't be possible. Those were the main things that caught my eye. One teeny tiny thing i want to note is the grammar. Maybe have someone look over the grammar once you finished the map to see if they can find any mistakes (we all make mistakes and are sometimes too blind to see them). All in all it probably took me around 10 minutes to finish the map and like mentioned in the beginning, i really enjoyed playing it :D

2016-12-07 15:52

Snowpelt ... WOW soooo amazing! i played your map and I think its relly good especialy the boss fight it was challenging and thats one of the parts that made it sooooooooo much fun!

p.s. make more maps plz!:-)

2016-12-07 04:05

TommyTheHeist Well I have completed your map :D seems fun to be honest. It need a little bit more of command blocks I think because books are "too old" for a map I think. I hade to cheat a liiiiiiiiiiiitl e bit :D because it took me more time than I expected but you will see all of that in a video I made :D if you are interested ofcourse:)

2016-12-06 18:24

LevanGamer good map, but guardian kill me :)

2016-12-06 17:01

MursuPvP It's good but you should use /tellraw and /testfor

2016-12-06 11:33

red_driver good map dude!

2016-12-06 10:51

aAmasteo You've screwed your map. --->

2016-12-06 04:05

The_Rock_er For your frist map its pretty good! Althoguh, the boss fight is a little hard.

2016-12-05 13:09

JosephRockman I really liked the map, but it was kind of short.

2016-12-04 22:09

JUJUSLAY Will this work in multiplayer?

2016-12-04 22:06

maddog3620 nice job this was a fun map and it is not one of those crapy ones that take 1 minute to finish

found a bug though

2016-12-04 14:44

AmazingPandaGirl I played this map, and I really enjoyed it! Nice job!

(Also, it's kind of funny I think maybe I was the first one to play this map since you posted this so recently)

2016-12-04 03:35


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