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The City of Testifica

Created by cameron_M

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The City of Testifica has been attacked by an army of mobs and have chased out or killed every testificate villager. The villagers want revenge and their city back, so they have called you into arms! Choose between 10 different classes and fight back their armies.

You may choose between a Warrior, Paladin, Barbarrian, Battle Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Druid, Alchemist, or Engineer. Each with their on special abilities and unique ways of fighting the hordes of enemies. Take back the city and close of the tunnels, so they can't escape and mount up a counter attack!

This map is suggested to be used with Testifica Armor pack:


Played this map? Try out the sequel: The City of Testifica 2.

Map Details

Creator: cameron_M
(18 votes)
Version: 1.5.1
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 8.67 MB
Added: 2012-06-20
Downloads: 67,478
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Rui Amazing map! Love the classes, the boss fights and the city!
The testificates jokes are priceless xD
The path you need to follow is clear, but I don't understand why I need to do that...
But anyway, I love it!

2016-04-25 19:24

+2 Lijthesurvivor 3.5 out of 5 stars!
The thinks I don't like how you used some wording and I don't like the shrine but otherwise good!

2015-01-03 04:18

+6 Chris I LOVE the map it wasn't too hard but it wasn't easy. It took me a while to find somethings out but I don't mind that.

2013-08-01 18:09

+7 Martinotti This was awesome, thanks for making it! I had a lot of fun recording it and can't wait to play the next one. My channel is YouTube.com/MrM artinotti if anyone is interested...

2013-05-03 08:04

+13 SinOfTheWolfs Your map looks really interesting =). I have a question though ... i am guessing we are allowed to "steal" from all chests? Also when it says "insert Gold" does it mean a Gold Ingot or a Gold Nugget =P?

2013-03-08 17:35

+3 darkmagic450 how many gold bars, emeralds, diamonds and music discs are there supposed to be? p.s awesome map love boss fights hard enough to be fun.

2013-02-23 01:09

+19 Creepis There's a mistake. If you get an arrow from the marketplace, it will shoot at you instead of dropping the item.

2013-02-21 04:02

+6 anonymous you sir, are AMAZING at making cannons. just so amazing.

2013-01-20 15:19

+6 Cameron_M Thank you everyone for all the support the new map is now out and i would love you guys to test it out and send me feed back. I'm sorry it took so long, i was the only one to build the map cause i move alot and all my friends have a life and don't spend all their time making maps lol. Thank you again everyone!

2013-01-20 13:58

+2 TheMightyGypsy Amazing Story. Great job guys, scared my friend with the storyline. Would play any other maps like these :)

2012-12-23 06:31

+1 Cameron_M Hey everyone been a while since last update. The City of Testifica 2 is getting close to finished but still got some work left to be done. Here are some sneak previews of the map.

2012-12-02 02:46

-2 Name One of my favorite maps! The only thing that annoyed me is, well, the battles. I'm probably just being a sore loser, but I think the battles can be better designed. Ah, I didn't stand a chance on the first boss xD. But it's definitely an awesome map, especially when you're playing with friends.

2012-11-05 05:17

+3 Geoffrey This is the Best map Ever cant wait for the sequel and I have played it on 1.2.5 and 1.3.2 and it gets better and better.I love the classes,it is the first map ive seen with classes which makes you want to play it again as another class. I hope someone popular does this map on youtube (Skydoesminecra ft,Deadlox,Antv enom) to make it more well known.Keep up the good(AWESOME) work and good luck with the sequel cant wait to play again as another class :)

2012-11-03 11:40

+1 Glennon first time i've played an adventure map myself rather than watching one and it was awesome but as a warrior i felt it was made a little too easy because some of the things i found in hidden chests werent as good as the things i already had but overall it was really good didnt think it needed a complex story as the map was really fun anyway good job cant wait for no.2

2012-10-24 21:02

-1 Maia Awesome map! My favorite adventure map ever. Quite difficult in my opinion actually, but thats just because im a bit of a n00b. It WAS a little confusing how to get around at some points, I feel there should have been a sign telling you to follow the glowstone, because I didnt know where to start out at first. But other than that there was an exelent use of redstone, good plot, and over all a good balance of everything I want to see in an adventure map!

2012-10-21 19:58

+3 Cameron_M WOOT! Thank you everyone so much for downloading this map, City of testifica 2 is well underway (2 Boss fights left). Thank you for all the feedback and support for City of Testifica 2 and helping me reach 30K downlaods. All the youtube video's helped alot i've seen so many my eyes might fall out and they really helped get more people to download. Thank you everyone so much!

2012-10-21 03:33

-1 Cameron_M also don't use the texture pack... it's broken and i'm lazy lol

2012-10-03 02:19

+3 Cameron_M Don't worry i think i've seen about every youtube video of the map there is lol. I search it everyday for feed back and notes for the next one. I won't be updating this map anymore cause im working on the new one. But thank you to everyone who made a video and all the comments have been a huge help. The next one will have some bigger events and hopefully be less confusing cause the castle was a bit strange...

2012-10-03 02:18

-4 thatoneguy Really great map!! it was just everything i wanted pretty much. somesuggestions for it are: make more of a story for it, maybe put somehints in the tough spots because i had to cheat once because i didnt know where to go. other then that, the map was amazing, really, really great, good job man!! i will be posting a Lets Play for it on my channel youtube.com/iit ruedeathii

2012-09-30 19:12

-3 BlackHearth Hey that is a great map

2012-09-17 14:57

+2 player one of the best adventure maps ive played (n ive played alot)!

2012-09-17 08:56

-2 Cameron_M yeah it's just a thing its not really all that important lol.
It's more just like u read it and learn the class cause it's minecraft so it's very limited without mods. I try not to use them cause some people have trouble with it and when there is an update it screws things up.

2012-09-14 23:33

-3 tiger can't understand how to become a "class" by taking an empty book

2012-09-14 09:37

+2 Cameron_M Also if there is anything you think could help me improve the map and what you liked and didn't like if you could post so i can keep in in mind for The City of Testifica 2 that would be a huge help.

2012-09-10 22:34

-3 Cameron_M Well the main point of all those classes is so you can play how you want and each give you different challenges. And i think its kinda boring when everyone can get every item and they isn't any variety between the players. But mostly the class were a way to seperate my map from everyone elses and give it something unique no one else has done. Put something new in minecraft out there.

2012-09-10 05:01

+2 Recklessvietnam it's a pretty good map, but it looks like you had too many ideas, and tried to stuff something which was already full. The bosses was a nice touch, but all those classes was like a waste, you used a whole city for it (WOW alike :). i can tell you worked hard on it, (a month), im glad you are making a map of better quality.

BTW: i fell down the hole of freedom xD

2012-09-09 10:55

+1 Cameron_M Yes i understand that it is more run around killing, my next map i'll try to include more story line. Such as intro's and little things showing each bosses importants. but the main point of this map was to see how much variety i could make with what minecraft has which is what the classes are all about. To see how many different ways you can play minecraft without annoying mods and stuff. Thank you everyone for your comments and video's. They have really helped improve the map. I will try and take in all the suggests for The City of Testifica 2 which is currently about 1/5th done. So it might come out in like between 1 and 2 months. lol

2012-09-08 08:49

-3 Luke I tried to figure out what to do at first, and nothing happened. I then went and found the "notes" folder and read the "start" note. IS the text supposed to appear when you start the map or what?!

2012-09-05 00:35

+1 Jack It is a great map and me and my friend will be using it for a let's play for it. I'll post the videos on youtube so check out my channel( jackofhearts64) and enjoy playing the map for yourselves!

2012-09-01 05:24

-8 Priem very large and gives almost and overabundance of items... less of and adventure more of a run around and kill things.

2012-08-30 20:59


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