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Smaller Worlds

Created by Tyson Schnasse

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A space adventure where a stranded astronaut must explore alien planets, complete parkour, work through puzzles, drop down massive crevices, and find hidden secrets to acquire materials and information. Using rare metals and gasses, the astronaut is able to build a rocket.

As you search more and more planets, a mystery begins to unfold, with nothing better to do, the astronaut wanders further down this rabbit hole of a map.

All planets have realistic gravity, meaning you can walk around on every side.


Map Details

Creator: Tyson Schnasse
(54 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 10.8 MB
Added: 2020-08-17
Downloads: 1,455
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Tyson Schnasse Sup, I play-tested this map several times before uploading, a few times I fell off the planets, but when I went back, they worked fine. A possible solution could be setting your render distance higher, so everything is already loaded by the time you are teleported to a planet.

Radon can be found on AM3-14b
don't buy anything unless you have everything required
only cross over the sides of planets, the corners may be a little buggy
Structures like the printer can be thrown on top of the light gray concrete you find on the surfaces
On the Hermes Station, you may be looking for buttons if you don't know where to go

2020-08-22 21:07

+1 Jefta Honestly, now that I've played some more; it just feels like collecting materials and combining them.. thats it. It lacks a story that an adventure map would have.. I know theres a story behind it but I just expected more to it than just collecting materials and combining

2020-08-22 16:50

+2 Jefta Nice map! One bug(I think): when you buy something but you dont have enough; it still takes the materials out of your inventory

2020-08-22 16:02

0 SInjun On the first planet, in the caves where you have to do parkour to gain materials, the Laterite (Lapis Ore) just randomly stoped spawning after deleting all of the Laterite from my inventory and storage. Also, as many people have pointed out, the gravity on the second planet does not work. Aside from this, the map is overall very good

2020-08-21 22:38

+1 Luís I can´t pass second planet gravity doesn´t work

2020-08-21 18:50

+1 Luís Quoting ninjarovi:
im stuck on a first planet

you need to do the rocket

2020-08-21 18:49

+2 WakeforFakeCake Found the Radon on Planet 2 (AM3-14's moon). The Information doesn't include it in the list of Resources.

2020-08-21 00:04

0 WakeforFakeCake I'm having trouble progressing. The next planet requires Plutonium, which I know comes from the Reactor, but the reactor requires Red Mud, which requires Radon, which only comes from the last planet. In a previous (and incomplete playthrough) I had somehow managed to get the Radon, but I can't figure out how.

2020-08-20 23:54

+1 springtrap5000 its broken for me 2nd planet no gravity and then my inventory full even though it was 100% empty

2020-08-20 17:28

0 M16 is this map multiplayer compatible?

2020-08-20 15:25

+3 Priceless_T Great map but the gravity isn't working for me on the second planet so I cant get stuff there, Please fix this, but otherwise great map!

2020-08-20 13:37

-3 Best Name Ever Hey! Nice map!
Made a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJtkD3NazyU

2020-08-20 11:22

+2 Skele_X Don't know what to do on the 2nd "planet". It says there's minerals deep within it, but there's no way to access them, and nothing explodes/drops on the surface.

2020-08-19 15:01

+4 blockheadalex When I went to the second planet, AM3-14b, the realistic gravity feature didn't work and I couldn't collect the materials on the planet

2020-08-19 00:45

+3 JW It seems gravity only flips on the first planet. On the second planet, you just fall out of orbit. I spent probably an hour trying to get the gravity to flip, but to no avail. Is there a way to fix this?

2020-08-18 23:08

+2 WorldTerminator6 In the second planet, the realistic gravity system dosen't work. Every time I try walking onto another surface of that planet I go into orbit. Please fix this bug.

2020-08-18 19:57

-1 ninjarovi im stuck on a first planet

2020-08-18 12:42


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