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Second Dream

Created by Paulverized

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Map Info

Your name is Sean Brooks. At least that's what other people call you.

The memories of what happened that day are still a bit vague.

You're a detective trying to figure out the lost mysteries of your past.


  • 1. Stay in peaceful
  • 2. Play in adventure mode
  • 3. Turn on sounds
  • 4. Render distance = 12
  • 5. Have Fun!


Map Details

Creator: Paulverized
(287 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 4.2 MB
Added: 2016-07-17
Downloads: 12,451
Category: Adventure Maps


0 the cat what is the password in the cave?

2018-05-03 09:27

0 L At the end, I drank the potion, then found the melons. then I got stuck completely.

2016-12-07 19:41

0 cool_as_choco Honestly, incredible map :D Loved it all :D

2016-11-13 18:56

0 Charlotte Quoting Somemone:
Whats the code?!?!?

there isn't one!! go under the stairs look in the brewing stands and you'll find "sams medicine" then you go toward the black wall and the game will progress from there! good luck!!

2016-10-28 19:09

0 Charlotte Quoting ssmithj3:
Great map. I flew around afterwards and found the room which I assume to be a fingerprint scanner, but I never got teleported there. Also in the underground room thingy, nothing seemed to work.

that happened to me too! but after watching someones lets play, i understood where i went wrong and managed to finish, honestly watch the video and finish the game! it was just awesome

2016-10-28 19:08

+1 Charlotte Oh my gosh! this map blew me away! the whole time my jaw was tickling my feet! i was amazed, sometimes it didn't work but that to my own idiocy but reset it and found where i went wrong! This game was just amazing! i have played millions of maps but none i have loved as much as this one! nice work.

2016-10-28 19:06

0 PiaPiraj YT If someone struggles then look at my gameplay! Honestly one of the best "short" adventure maps I have ever played!! I really like them like this!!

2016-09-11 14:52

0 xiFran I'm confused, how do you find out the numbers for the room under Sam's Room in the Mental Hospital??

2016-09-04 11:21

0 Derpyboy it doesn't matter if you play in an updated version of minecraft. I played it in 1.10.2 and everything was fine! Great Map as well, I loved the storyline! Please can you make another dream! :)

2016-08-24 13:10

+1 Somemone Whats the code?!?!?

2016-08-15 10:55


2016-08-05 09:13

0 YaminoOjo Awesome map! But one question, *WARNING SPOLIERS* was it suppose to end as Sean finding out he is Sam and then him eating watermelons? Or does more happen? Other than that amazing map, it was intriguing and easy to follow!

2016-08-03 21:16

-2 Br33Zy So, I was Samuel Nelson all that time, and all was just a dream, ok... this was very weird!

2016-08-01 18:09

0 RTBFrebel Great map I loved every second of it i think my viewers will too. If you make any other maps please let me know on twitter: @RTBFrebel

2016-08-01 05:23

+1 minecraftnonpro I LOVE this map. It's very good. You guys should make more. :)
This is an interesting map too.

2016-07-30 03:28

+1 Veronica There is nothing beneath the stairs. I watched gameplays but there is no opening!

2016-07-26 00:09

+4 Veronica How do I break the clay?

2016-07-25 23:50

-1 Harvey oh... so its like Asleep... that was a really cool map. cant wait 2 play dis one! XD

2016-07-25 09:32

0 taler5 the map is amazing, even tho there are way to many ways to destroy the commands, i wen't down the elevator and then up the elevator, i could walk to the other guy's office and do the thing that i need to do after visiting helen's mother

2016-07-25 08:04

+2 taler5 Quoting AnanasSatama:
I'm totally confused... Could somebody explain me what actually happened in the end?

to be honest, it's kinda hard to explain, but i will, you were this guy called sam insted of yourself, and you woke up when the nurse is telling you what to say so when detectives will ask him what happend, he will say that he did it, but from that you need to get that the nurse killed helen.

2016-07-24 19:21

+2 ssmithj3 Great map. I flew around afterwards and found the room which I assume to be a fingerprint scanner, but I never got teleported there. Also in the underground room thingy, nothing seemed to work.

2016-07-23 09:12

+2 AnanasSatama I'm totally confused... Could somebody explain me what actually happened in the end?

2016-07-22 20:55

+3 UnluckyBacon SOOOO GOOOD, Please make another- the only thing is that i just do not understand the ending- did the nurse kill helen- and what about the detective?

2016-07-21 01:36

+1 Thunderhead107 A short and sweet map! And quite an interesting story. Good special effects, such as the teleportation processes. I would say this is a good map to play if you want to play a map to pass the time, but you don't want it to be too long. Keep up the good work, Paulverized!

2016-07-21 00:58

+2 S1ant wait what sewer?? and I didn't do that code at all?? lol I skipped it.

2016-07-21 00:54

+2 KittyCollin So cool! I can't wait for another one! A little confusing at the dungeon part, but was still fun. You should do a Third Dream or Second Dream 2.

2016-07-20 22:35

+2 Just_that_Girl Guys! You don't need the code! Just get "Sam's Medication" in one of the brewers beneath the stairs and the door beneath the stairs will open. Walk inside and the game will continue :)

2016-07-20 11:12

+1 Scrubpocalypse I just finished editing a let's play of this map, I would like to say it was a amazing for your first map! I would love to see you make another! Ill tell you when the video gets uploaded. Once again, loved the map and the storyline!!!

2016-07-20 01:57

+1 I_CALEB_I After retrieving the cup from Mary's home, I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to "test" it.

2016-07-20 01:28

+1 EleanoraTheKitty How many players is it?

2016-07-20 00:41


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