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Search for the Skyheart

Created by Versepelles

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Come, awake from your crashed ship in Windhaven, home to Captain Alysia and her cunning rogues. Test your mental acuity and physical dexterity, with challenges of skill and wit alike, against the strongholds of this floating archipelago. There are many surprises, mysteries, and tales to be found here, but it will take a keen mind to discern the truth. So, come, and journey into Search for the Skyheart!

To enjoy this map as it was intended, it is suggested to do the following:

Refrain from breaking or placing blocks,
Play on normal or (preferably) far distance,
Set the difficulty to normal (Peaceful may prevent completion),
Use a fun resource pack! (Like Sphax or DokuCraft)
Multiplayer: Enable command blocks.

Map features and challenges: 

Simply completing this map is a challenge, not because of grinding and endless battles,
but because it requires a fair level of observation, the ability to problem solve, and
about 2-4 hours of free time. If you do not meet these requisites, then
you may not enjoy this adventure, and I wish you well on your
travels. However, for the intrepid explorer, this map offers:
An original algorithmically generated skyscape,
Challenging puzzles which require logic, not guesswork,
Engaging skill-based activities, and no parkour!
A full story presented from multiple perspectives,
Sounds and music, and collectible records, and
An Adventure!
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Map Details

Creator: Versepelles
(20 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 3.7 MB
Added: 2013-09-13
Downloads: 113,900
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 Yoropa I have the key at the start but it wont work?

2015-06-24 21:15

+3 D0ct0r_Wh0 I don't know why but the piston door in the basement of the library house wasn't working properly, literally the pistons weren't updating properly so I had to jump in creative to break in. Hoping it was just my computer being laggy or something cause the redstone should have worked.

2014-11-26 03:09

+9 Syco I'm having trouble with the key, I'm holding it while pressing the button on the blimp but nothing happens, it keeps saying the engine clicks like it needs a key

2014-11-15 13:09

+4 JohnCollin A Great map I call a "Classic". It reminds me of 1.6. Great memories.

2014-10-22 22:23

-2 joshibenj i had a problem with the first bit getting the key to work and it never did so I never had a chance to finish it

2014-10-15 14:11

+4 NikkiRose20 please update this! i hear this is a good map and i want to play it on 1.7 or 1.8. i hope this comment does not annoy you as in many occasions it annoys creators when people tell them to update.

2014-10-05 14:59

-1 Hello This was probably the best map I ever played! The puzzles were challenging yet fun and the design of the map was just stunning. Thanks a lot!

2014-09-01 13:08

+8 MasterCraft9913 Great Map! Loads Of Fun!

I made a walkthrough of the map you guys should check it out!

Here's the link to the playlist:


2014-06-08 20:41

+2 Sari_Soul Lovely map, however I got stuck after being sent to vellion.

Can't read the note, and no idea who to give it to as there is no clues...

2014-05-28 12:27

+2 Isadeaf Good map. Had a little trouble with it, but nonetheless was good. The amount of work that went into this was impressive. Made a little playthrough of it if you guys wanna check it out. :)

2014-05-13 21:11

+2 close21derful this map was really fun !! challenging and very well put together ! great Redstone contraptions and piston doors ! overall a great map :D and great ending

2014-05-04 20:22

+2 kian Love it

2014-03-31 15:00

+2 TRENT_THE_TRUCK the map was great but i could use some more instruction from time to time

2014-02-20 00:23

+12 Eveeleen This is the best adventure map i have ever played! the red stone stuff is amazing and so well built. it's really an awesome map, everybody should play it! :)

2014-02-16 10:42

+7 aaronracer The BEST map I have ever seen! Thanks so much for making it. Good work with the redstone also. Good building and I hope that more people enjoy!

2014-02-11 02:56

+7 Deffdapp Amazing! I played this with a friend in 2 hours straight. It reminded me a little bit of Myst; A very nice level design. I's a bit simple as every island has it's own closed puzzles, so you didn't have to travel back and forth between the islands.
Only the last (castle) island was a little bit confusing. The castle is very big and has many rooms, we needed a few attempts to figure out from the notes where to go. ("I left it in the vault in your tower" Where the heck is "my" tower?!!) But we did it, also a great ending!

2014-02-02 11:20

+6 Syzygy Hey there, really enjoyed the map! Completed it eventually and have just started releasing the episodes. Hope you enjoy it - I edited it with a slight 'story telling' style.


2014-02-02 00:59

+7 Tropical_Snow This map was awesome, but I would suggest put signs around the castle saying where to go, and Don't do the teleport thing, I cannot play the map any more, it lags so hard. :/ But other wise amazing builds and redstone. Keep up the good work. :)

2014-01-31 00:04

+5 Silent Very nice map :) I was a bit confused at first, maybe you could add a small hint there telling the player to make their way to the balloon, but other than that, very nice! I'm a bit stuck at the flying Skyheart though...Drum is telling me to move to the front of the ship, but nothing happens. :( Did I run into a glitch?

2014-01-29 01:44

+1 SketchyBlocks This has to be one of the best maps I've EVER played. I loved the feeling I got from it, and it kept me entertained throughout the entire adventure. I loved the challenges, not too easy, not too hard, and I definitely loved looting all of the chests! (By the end of it, my inventory was full of gold ingots!) Overall, a fantastic map, and I'd play it again some other time!

2014-01-28 14:12

+3 Quovany Yo! doin a LP of this fantastic map. just beautiful. watch it here if you like--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhcDRu3Hm60

2014-01-27 05:52

+2 mypantswer8 Alright, I played through the ENTIRE map, and when I got the Skyheart key, pressed the button, nothing happened. I even tried copying the command block and activating it there. Please fix :3

2014-01-25 00:41

+1 SadGhoster87 I also found a Blaze Rod, three dirt, and a piston on the two intersecting islands, just sitting there. I don't know if this is a glitch or intended for some reason, and I still haven't completed the code in the library.

2014-01-05 01:33

-7 SadGhoster87 How did you get the different colored text and the revving-up-a-bl imp-or-not with only one command block? And how did you make Drum talk? Is this some sort of mod that works in vanilla?

2014-01-05 01:30

+6 The Cow in space Great game and all, but once i got to Cornella's ship and tried to rev up the engine, i got nothing. and then i tried again. I don't know what's the problem :( But great game anyways, along with a brilliant plot.

2013-12-30 21:01

+1 Mokay_96 This is my best adventure map ! Nice work, keep on :)

2013-12-06 17:33

+5 ExtraSauce To be honest I didn't like it. It just was the same thing over and over getting the key to go on and do it again. I would like to see more maps from you though so please make others.


2013-12-03 18:37

+1 baloopaloopTH15 It as good until we got to the iron door and pressure pad room, then we got stuck with slowness and had to hop through the map, until we got frustrated, tried breaking all the command blocks to stop it, didn't work, blew up Drum, he wouldn't die so we dropped him out of the world, and hopped out of the server. xD

2013-11-29 09:51

+3 Dave_Icaria nicely done builds, and I'd say you're a redstone genius, but there is no story as far as I can see (other than what is told in the description). No one to talk to... Nothing telling you where to go or what to do... Several doors that should open but don't... nothing hinting about any of the puzzles (maybe that's how you intended it?)... Combat is at a super-low... my overall rating for it is 3.5/10.

I do like the theme, but maybe you should add some command blocks with hints. IE: when you start there is a pressure plate under you which activates a command block to say "You: Where am I? I better find some help! What is that large balloon to my right?" That way players know how to start, you get the idea.


2013-11-27 19:38

+1 lizardpearl Hey, never mind I figured out the ending. It was a good map, extremely well designed and beautiful.

2013-11-24 05:23


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