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Hello, Adventurers! Are you ready for your first dive into Ruby Caverns? No? Oh well. Don't worry about it too much... as your first will become your second, third, tenth and uncountable play of the ever-shifting dungeon.

This map is brought to you by the Dungeon Master (definitely not Dieuwt haha) that would very much like you three to get in there. Get in there!

The Game

So this is a Minecraft Dungeon Crawler, which translates to "you gonna die". This has probably been my biggest project so far, and I finally feel confident to submit it here, as I couldn't find any bugs anymore... maybe you guys can? Your goal is to get down as far as possible. You'll encounter bosses, enemies, friendly and less friendly faces, and some nice helpful items here and there. You likely won't know what they all do though, so use before you lose!

You can play this map in multiplayer! Don't worry! Everything is taken care of. Tutorials, co-op spelunking, even if you leave and your friends start a new game, you'll get kicked out :D But watch out, while the game may seem easier with multiple, resources are more limited than ever... Also, you can only play with 3 people maximum, but more are allowed on the server for moral support. Want the resourcepack? Here you go!


  • A completely randomized maze, made out of 4 area's each with 3 levels!
  • 3 + 2 classes to choose from, and to create your own playstyle!
  • 4 bosses, which will either defeat you or be defeated by you!
  • 8 minibosses, all equally tedious and slightly unfair!
  • Around 30 treasure items that you won't know the use of!
  • 10 Wands to collect and smash enemies with!
  • 10 Spells to obtain and not die with!
  • 14 Scrolls to get, use once, and never see again!
  • 8 NPC's to find and unlock, that give helpful bonuses!
  • No wiki! Wait, how is that a good thing
  • Lore that is not complete!
  • Some settings that you're never going to use!
  • Multiple endings, including 1 very, VERY hidden one!
  • Deaths! Oh lord, so much deaths. 

Additional Info

So, are you up for the challenge? I won't judge you when you give it a pass. I would too. Also, this map is available on Minecraft Realms. 

Reading all this I should resort back to making puzzle maps...


v2.0: Not Your Vault
A huge update!
- New area: The Vault
- Three new characters: the Blaze, the Spirit, and the Evoker
- New spells, scrolls, wands, treasure and abilities
- New option to Seed the dungeon
- Many balance changes, bugfixes, and Quality of Life improvements
- And lots of other things like trophies, less lag, tools, rooms, and deaths! Good luck!
- Get the new resource pack (here!)[]

- The map has been updated to Minecraft 1.14.
- Added a whole bunch of interactions such as Enchant Plates, Bells, Blast Furnaces and Lecterns!
- Added Split Mode! Get the Light Ending to unlock it.
- Changed a lot of things, including cave spider damage (now zero), second tier bows (now crossbows) and NPC unlocking speed!
- Fixed a whole bunch of bugs.
- Get the new resourcepack (here!)

- Added Boss Rush! Get the Good Ending to unlock it.
- Added a wiki link... somewhere?
- Changed some items to make them more interesting.

- Buffed area 3, changed boss rewards, fixed bugs.
- God Mode is hard to unlock now.

- Updated the map to current version, also actually included resourcepack this time. I completely forgot how to do that.



2018-11-26 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: Dieuwt external
(140 votes)
Map Version: v2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
File Size: 4.4 MB
Date Added: 2018-11-26
Downloads: 19,055
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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