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Planet M4RS Rescue

Created by Bloody Duckers

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Months ago a team of scientists returned from a mysterious Planet with a sample of some of the purest energy in the universe!

A 2nd team was dispatched, ATLAS Crew. Their objective was to gather & collect as much samples as they could & return them to ORBIT CORPS.

Unfortunately contact was lost with the Crew & their mission success is unknown.

YOU have been tasked with going to Planet M4RS to locate & rescue the ATLAS Crew. You may be their only hope, but will you be able to escape the Planet yourself?

  • Explore an Alien world full of scary creatures with new items/loot.
  • Complete with a custom resource pack including voice-acting, new mob skins, ores, music, sounds & more!
  • Look around for hidden easter eggs & bonus items!
  • Singleplayer
  • Being the 1st custom map I've ever finished, any feedback is appreciated!

This map took about 6 months to create.

Inspired by Subnautica.


Map Details

Creator: Bloody Duckers
(130 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16
Size: 140 MB
Added: 2020-09-11
Downloads: 3,674
Category: Adventure Maps


-20 baconbits55 It looks cool but the actual gameplay is impossible. I have looked around the map for an hour and haven't found anything useful.

2020-09-16 05:06

+8 DidYouReallyNeedNAME This map is amazing

2020-09-16 04:30

+4 Chery_Cola in the recommended settings it says blocks volume 60% but also to set it to 80-100%

2020-09-15 23:27

+5 radwl Amazing map! The story is exciting and the 'custom' items are really fun to play with!

2020-09-14 12:08

+4 Craze Nice map! I got really lost in it haha!
Here is my video of it if you wanna check it out:

2020-09-13 12:49

+12 ComicalTornado This map is a lot of fun! I can definitely see the influence of subnautica (one of my favorite games), so I'm enjoying having that kind of gameplay experience again, but at the same time the map is creative enough to be distinct from subnautica and not overly derivative.
Here's a few feedbacks:
-One major flaw with the crafting/tradin g system is that the villagers/robot s don't have direct access to job site blocks, so they don't restock their trades. I ran into this problem when I exhausted the trade for comet melons and ate them all before I knew I might need them for something else.
-The monster noises can be rather earsplitting at the volume that is recommended in the beginning. Great sound design though, scared the absolute hell out of me.
-There's a slight issue with the map (meaning the map item): the area it covers seems to be shifted to the left of where it should be and as a result, the western edge of the landscape doesn't show up on the map.

2020-09-13 05:58

-9 Delta Feel like I went through most of the map and I can fairly confidently say you should have put more time into it.
- Resourcepack made a lot of things noisey to look at
- The map was probably a super biome badlands where there is no definitive play area just a barrier wall which doesn't fully restrict the player as there are caves and there's a hole in the wall
> Caves break the map b/c you can get stuck and it has an abundance of ores and "space rock"
- Villagers locked trades after 4 trades which don't refresh after each day
> You can get stuck with villagers
- Ravine hoglins and husks spawn too regularly
> Husks are WAY too load
I didn't complete the map b/c I used a bolt charge next to the villagers which changed them into witches and couldn't be bothered to continue it. Overall 1.5/5, you tried but needs more effort.

2020-09-13 04:25

+8 PLAGUE_DOCTOR Where is the resouce pack?

2020-09-12 13:24

+2 Bravado This map is absolutely stunning. I’ve been playing for hours and thought I was in the clear. Can’t figure out how to get Viridian Crystals!!

Really amazing work. I envy your mind.

2020-09-12 04:27


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