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Minedom Hearts

Created by Bloody_Duckers

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Note: The map file is large (854 MB).

Map Info

Go on an adventure & get lost in the universe of Minedom Hearts! Travel to unique worlds & work to save each one from the forces of darkness!

A Minecraft Adventure Map Inspired By/Based On: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

  • Singleplayer
  • Exploration/Adventure, Action-RPG, Puzzles + Parkour
  • Level up & get stronger!
  • Learn powerful spells & abilities!
  • Earn unique weapons!
  • Collect Munny/Materials to buy/synthesis new items/accessories
  • Completely Vanilla(Other than Resource Pack)

Worlds Included:

  • Destiny Islands
  • Traverse Town
  • Hundred Acre Wood
  • Wonderland
  • Olympus Coliseum
  • Deep Jungle
  • Agrabah
  • Monstro
  • Atlantica
  • Halloween Town
  • Port Royal
  • Disney Castle
  • Beast's Castle
  • Space Paranoids
  • Hollow Bastion

Map Features:

  • Complete Leveling System
  • Complete Magic System with over 20 usable spells/abilities
  • Complete Currency System with Usable Shops
  • Complete with a Custom Resource Pack Including New Sounds, Mob Skins, Songs, Texture & much more!
  • Trinity System
  • Explore over 14 Different Worlds!
  • Fight over 25 Bosses!
  • Collect/Use over 17 Keyblades each with unique perks!
  • Story Cutscenes!
  • Look Around for Hidden Easter Eggs, Secret Bosses & Bonus Items!
  • Collect/Synthesis over 65 Different Accessories/Items that will Aid You on Your Journey!
  • 10+ Hours of Gameplay

Additional Notes:

  • HIGHLY Recommended to play with Optifine
  • Huge Thanks to BlueCommander for sharing his Damage Icon's Pack
  • Resource Pack can be found inside Download File
  • Click HERE for a download link for Resource Pack Only
  • Click HERE for a Complete Walkthrough Guide for Each World
  • Click HERE for Map Discord
  • This Map is MASSIVE, Apologies about any lag
  • Being the 5th Adventure Map I've Created, Any Feedback is Always Appreciated!
  • This Map Took 1 Year + 1 Month to Create
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have Fun!


Map Details

Creator: Bloody_Duckers
(18 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 854 MB
Added: 2021-10-13
Downloads: 493
Category: Adventure Maps


0 paul there is a glitch where some talking does not happen or happens at the wrong time like the pinocio level when i went the start talk at the ship did not happen i had to place the start button myself and once i had beaten the world then it tpd me back to the ship and the starting talk happen i watched the walk through also when i went to the 100 acre wood then i whent to the gumi ship using the checkpoint and still can not get in when i turn the page nothing happens

2021-10-26 19:01

0 Tegawa In the Wonderlands, i death by trickster and i revive, but the trickster don't respawn. What i doing to fix this?

2021-10-22 02:39

0 10iqs i dont know it because my pc but i got very low tps in this map and it make the gameplay bad. i played in singleplayer.

sorry for bad english

2021-10-16 07:41

-2 teddy is there copyright music
in this game

2021-10-15 09:54


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