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Malbona's Darkness World

Created by ManukaHunny

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Map Info

This map requires the Conquest 1.9 Resource Pack.

Malbona's Darkness World is the 3rd official Minecraft map by ManukaHunny and I really enjoyed making it!


Your village was attacked and all of the villagers have been turned into zombies by a virus.

You must save them by fighting "Malbona", the girl who wants to use her zombie virus for the purpose of dominating the entire world and turning it into darkness forever!

Important Info

  • Made for Vanilla Minecraft v.1.9.2 (NO 1.10 !)
  • For 1 - 3 players
  • Use Conquest 1.9 Resource Pack by monsterfish_ to play
  • 4 Bosses fight, includes Elit and Malbona!
  • 4 Special items : TimeBomb, Vacuum, Exploding Arrow & Holy Book Of Lightning Bolt!
  • All weapons have much Attack Speed
  • Use only Vanilla Minecraft (NO MODS)
  • Report bugs & follow me at my Facebook page


Map Details

Creator: ManukaHunny
(211 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 5 MB
Added: 2016-08-24
Downloads: 4,486
Category: Adventure Maps


0 ManukaHunny Bello eveyone :)
I'm just very tired and don't have time enough to reply your comments and fix the bugs
So, sorry for my irresponsibilit y, I will fix the bugs when I have time enough for work. Homework is killing me.
If you want to contact, ask, report bugs, damn or anything else - please go to 'ManukaHunny' page and do it. Thanks.

2016-10-09 06:01

-2 bryn Sign of a bad map: the creator of the map not responding to questions or comments.
For other maps, you'll see the creator responding with answers.
Here, there are none.

2016-09-09 19:44

0 Someone I need help. When the person gives me the pickaxe and you get teleported to this place with the big black blocks, I can't find the obsidian and I constantly die. I even went into creative and apparently you have to be inside, not outside because I flied up and I saw and it just didn't seem right. Can anyone help please?

2016-09-02 11:27

0 Momenfrost the map is so laggy i couldn't continue the map because of that

2016-08-31 16:51

+4 AnanasSatama Reasons why I didn't really like the map:

NOTE: I'm not being mean or anything, I'm just trying to tell what's wrong, so you can fix it next time you're making a map.

1. The text was awful. Some sentences didn't make any sense. I understand you don't speak English well, but please next time get someone to fix the text.
2. Too many enemies. I could't even enter some houses because of that. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, but I didn't like it.
3. The idea of a zombie invasion is too used. I mean, you see it everywhere. I wonder why so many people want to do that.

2016-08-27 21:49

-3 bryn Quoting Techpig57:
Where is the keycard to the town hall?

5. Can't find the keycard? or give up? CLICK for watch a video, but it's mean someone is become a NOOB and can't find something by him/herself :P

I find it very amusing that the creator is calling people a noob for not being able to find something, while also having such terrible English and not bothering to correct it or have someone correct it.

2016-08-27 19:28

0 Katiiee can you make it 1.10.2?

2016-08-27 18:52

+1 Hexlix Quoting Techpig57:
Where is the keycard to the town hall?

In the house next to the starting house. Except I was able to finish this map for some reason. I put the keycard into the item frame and nothing happened.

2016-08-27 06:58

0 bryn After I go to the little introduction room, there is no way out.

2016-08-26 20:49

0 bryn Hello! I'm just starting the map out - I highly recommend getting someone to read over your writing. Reading the diary, there are many grammatical errors that make the diary not make a lot of sense.

2016-08-26 20:45

0 bikerchic44 I had to give up on this whilst in the lab, way too many spawners.
A map should be fun and entertaining not frustrating

2016-08-26 19:35

+1 Techpig57 Where is the keycard to the town hall?

2016-08-24 11:28

+2 First Comment Very nice! i hope you fix some chapters soon!

2016-08-24 08:05


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