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Magiguard Kingdom

Created by Unhak39

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Map Trailer
If you watch the map trailer before playing, you don't need to read the books named [History of Magiguard Vol.1~4] in the game. I'm so sorry for late upload.

Map Info:
This is my first Adventure Map named "Magiguard Kingdom".

You've found yourself in jail when you awaken from a deep sleep. But you don't remember anything. Can you trace your memory and solve the problem of Magiguard Kingdom?


  • Custom Music Resource Pack. 
  • There are two versions in the Zip file (Single & Multi). 
  • Play on Minecraft v1.7.2. 
  • It takes about 1-2 hours to finish. 

If you want to play with your friend: 

  • Use the multi version in the zip file. (2-3 Players recommended).
  • This map is not compatible with Bukkit Servers. Please use a Vanilla Server.
  • Set "enable-command-block=true".

Recommended resourcepack: John Smith Legacy 

If you find any bugs or have a something to tell, please leave a comment on this page.

Originally, this map was a Build Map named "The Spires of Lyceum" and created by "Team Gazamo".

I was impressed by their work, and decided to make an Adventure Map using this map. I modified some buildings and made a story, items, mobs. etc.

At first, I made this map in Korean. But I wanted to show this map to other players. So I started to translate it into English, that work is done now.

(Thanks to all the people who helped me on http://Lang-8.com

I'm worried about my terrible English, but I hope you enjoy this map. 

Map Details

Creator: Unhak39
(33 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7.2
Size: 35 MB
Added: 2014-06-18
Downloads: 78,069
Category: Adventure Maps


0 JadedStars I love this map! I played it a long time ago and am now revisiting it a second time, this time in multiplayer! It is so much fun and is really well put together. The story is great and the build is beautiful.

2019-06-30 02:09

+3 8BitMiles Hey, I'd just like to say that for a Korean person you have amazing English! Don't bring yourself down, man.

2015-10-04 07:48

+1 MineMage50 Awesome map!! One of the best i'v played! And belive me, i'v played A LOT ;)

Your English is impeckable

2015-07-06 18:29

+5 Novawolf24 This map was amazing!!! I loved every bit of it and I wish there was a Part 2 or another map by you!!

2015-02-24 02:45

+1 12OH12 I am in the main building entrance and a found the signs saying to find the code and paper saying that I need the code but I don't know where to find the code. PLEASE HELP ME

2015-01-19 23:17

+3 Captain_Crabcake I just went through all the towers but not the soul tower (Not sure if that is what its really called) and the big castle tower in the middle and I have been through every room and i am stuck because The soul tower isn't opening. and i tried breaking down the door and is a boss in the room? I couldn't see anything, i went to the item factory again, I went into all the towers again to make sure i didn't miss anything I also went into the middle tower and went on every room again. I dont know what to do please help!!

2015-01-11 21:03

-1 Coco Hey i need help where is the holy star?

2014-10-11 20:12

+12 Mariachi Gaming Holy Moly! This map is amazing dude! We're having a blast playing, great job!

We started recording this map, here's the first part of our let's play: http://youtu.be/QTX29EKDKWY

Amazing job!

2014-09-18 20:12

+8 TomIsASneakyNinja I LP'D this on my channel it was a awesome map definitely need to check out more made by they creator :D

Heres a link if you want to see :D

2014-09-07 20:18

+9 Sean Hey I played and reviewed the Map, Best map i have ever played, yet! I also recorded my experiences, if you are interested check it out here


2014-09-02 22:01

+2 Sean Hey guys, This is the best Custom map I have ever played! Here is me playing and reviewing it if your interested!


2014-09-02 02:16

+2 Aj_games77 What do I do when I get the dignity of light? Other than that, with how far I am, this is the best adventure map I've ever played. It has a great story line/plot. :)

2014-08-26 15:36

+3 koeqatel this one was really worth playing, i didnt know /playsound even existed :D, its a very nice story and its sometimes a real challage to find your way.

2014-08-10 18:02

+12 Slim SlamKabam I'm stuck at the Garden of Sleep :( but the map looks absolutely amazing! Story so far seems cool too :D

2014-08-08 19:19

+9 Anonymous Good map absolutely beautiful. All i have to say

2014-08-06 21:21

+18 BarfingAlpaca This map was absolutely amazing! It never got extremely confusing, and you never got lost. I hope you will make more maps soon!

2014-08-01 19:13

+8 Aurelitron If anyone is interested I did record my playthrough, it was a ton of fun to play! I hope you enjoy it too!


2014-07-30 03:23

+6 spinniet a bit confused about the part where u r in the big house opposite to the Tower of Soul, I have no idea what do do.
However this amazing map is so gripping and I love it so much! can't wait to finish it :P

2014-07-29 20:24

+4 FlameBound Just recorded a playthrough of this awesome map with my friend! Didn't quite understand the last puzzle! xD But we loved it! The builds were epic! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWuRvDtz9spGwHJRNgiGoE9ZDKpKFOnLG

2014-07-27 14:16

+5 TheCjsouthwell Thank you Unhak39 for making this awesome map!

Me and my friend made a Let's Play of it if anyone wants to check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3zBajQQOeY&list=UU7H6NvJ51h998IcoSp4vpwQ

2014-07-21 22:28

+1 Lizzeezzy I think you might want to make Zaximus a bit weaker for those, like me, who are laggy and bad at pvp. I kept dieing and only when he was stuck on a fence that I could fight him. He was camping the spawn point and was really irritating. Other than that, great map so far!

2014-07-20 13:25

+3 EvilAwesomeness Loved your map totaly EPICLLY AWESOME!!

2014-07-20 00:17

+4 Sueprjhgaming I just downloaded this map and played it with my friend and we recorded it. We loved it and couldn't put it down. Here's the first part in our let's play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4yr5C5M9YA

2014-07-19 16:09

+2 Aurelitron Just finished playing and recording this map, and your English was good! I really really enjoyed how much lore was in the story and the map!! I'll put up a link here when I start posting the videos.

Thanks again, sweet map!!

2014-07-17 05:27

+1 Boris_Mishken Your English isn't bad. Just saying

2014-07-16 00:39

0 JaxMartin432 How do I get the book in the main tower? I have gone in creative and searched around but still nothing.

2014-07-15 16:13

-5 derpman2000 Quoting Diamond22:
Find the place that's not visible

Its behind a waterfall in the water tower

2014-07-14 12:43

0 Diamond22 Quoting Rezver:
Where is a magic book in the Main Tower? I reached top, but can't find it. HELP!

Find the plates of stone to stand upon

2014-07-11 23:19

0 Diamond22 Quoting skilopsaros:
i dont evenknow how to get the code. please help!

Go to the code area and look up then you have to be an archer in the other room

2014-07-11 23:19

+1 Diamond22 Quoting randomgummybears:
How do you find the water tower armour? It's obviously a helmet. I'm so confused, and I want to finish all the side quests.

Find the place that's not visible

2014-07-11 23:17


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