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Lord of Cliff Manor: Chapter 1

Created by BhunaBoy

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Map Info:
The first chapter in the ongoing series: Lord of Cliffton Manor

When your father dies, your family inherits the large, ramshackle Cliff manor. What secrets does it hold and who wants them. Short Fantasy adventure, playable in under 20 minutes and built completely in survival!


  • Unique scenery to traverse.
  • The epilogue to a grand story.
  • Mechanics built completely in survival!

Built for rsmalec's vanilla challenge, this map was made 100% in survival vanilla Minecraft. No mods, no creative mode and no mcedit.

This map is just an epilogue and setup for the main maps to come, the story is just starting and mechanics are being gradually built in like a tutorial system. Look forward to more maps and remember this was built entirely in survival!

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  • Fixed crypt bugs.
  • Added Out of Character books to explain objectives or areas with specific instructions.
  • Removed most easily accesible unwanted exits in the forest area.
  • Added extra Izzy NPC's and dialogue.
  • Removed alternative exit from the womper.
  • Improved the redstone behind the womper.


2016-01-28 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: BhunaBoy
(367 votes)
Map Version: v5.0
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9 (Java)
File Size: 14.12 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-28
Downloads: 18,390
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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