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Lab Rat

Created by LeandroLuiz2210

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Please note:

  • This map requires Minecraft 1.12 - Snapshot 17w06a
  • You will need to enable snapshots in the Minecraft Launcher to select this version.
  • It will NOT work in older client versions.

You are trapped in this complex, and you will need to take on various challenges to get out of there! Conducting tests as a measly Lab Rat!

And we have the things that I like the most! Parkour and Puzzles! Taking away the part of parkour...

The map has a history, and has around 1 hour, but it is not that big...

I will update the map from here some time...


  • Play only in Gamemode 2 (Adventure Mode), change only when the map allows you.
  • Play only in version 1.12 (Snapshot 17w06a).
  • Can be played in Multiplayer (Two Players), I recommend playing in Singleplayer (One Player).
  • Map requires no texture pack.
  • Map of Puzzle and Parkour and etc.


You are stuck in a complex, and to get out of there, you will need to go through challenges, and parkour, but, what are you doing there? And how did you get there?

You're trapped just like a lab rat running tests for the fun of the people you're there...



  • Finals edited, levels added (include "all" mazes of The 28 Mazes) and decorations added.



2017-02-24 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: LeandroLuiz2210
(438 votes)
Map Version: v2.7
Minecraft Version: 1.12 (Java)
File Size: 5.9 MB
Date Added: 2017-02-24
Downloads: 15,724
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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