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Created by Obsidian64

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You wake up in a mysterious new world. Eight bridges lead to islands, but they have all been destroyed. Find a way to get back home by completing tasks for the locals.

This map was built a couple of months ago, but I only really started doing the command work whenever it was my last two weeks of school and I had to rush to get it done before I went to my grandparents house.

My map looks like a survival map, but it's actually an adventure map. You complete tasks for people on the islands, in return they will repair the bridge to the next island.


Map Details

Creator: Obsidian64
(116 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 23 MB
Added: 2021-05-25
Downloads: 15,251
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 Hazel cool this was fun!

2021-06-02 19:48

+2 Hazel Wow this looks cool!

2021-06-02 19:47

+3 BluudC2nd Nice

2021-06-02 02:28

+9 Sandwiched Hey what to do when the bee asks for blue wood? I'm stuck, please help

2021-06-01 14:23

+9 ghost what is meant by the reverse ore? i've tried mining everything under the bee island but it wont let me

2021-06-01 12:02

0 Ghost HI, I can't seem to figure out what tool to use when trying to get the flowers, and there is no hint that I can tell. Just at ip would be cool! Thanks, and really cool map

2021-05-31 23:30

+3 what There's a difference between maps that are hard because they are challenging and maps that are hard because there is no explanation on how to progress whatsoever. Also, the giant mess of command blocks in the background was hideous. Really ruined the vibe.

2021-05-29 22:47

+1 Jesse I am so confused :( I can't figure out what the cold villager wants me to do. How do I get to the parkour? It looks like a great map though!

2021-05-27 06:42

+1 CheryCoke I found a sequence break of sorts. When you fix the broken island, a cornflower and some grass pop off. You can craft the cornflower into that crystal you need for the squid

2021-05-27 01:02

+2 Atulya if you are seeing this then plz help me in the bee task that how to give him/her woods

2021-05-26 13:57

+5 da1spidey can i play with friends?

2021-05-26 10:38


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