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If On a Winter's Night a Player

Created by DeuxiemeCarlin

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This is not a typical adventure map.

Much like Winter Solstice, this map does not contain any puzzles, fighting, PVP, or anything like that! It is classified as an adventure map only because that is the closest category to what it is: a story map.

It was for a school project.

This map was made for a major English assignment, the instructions for which were to create something that shows your understanding of the most recent novel we read: If On a Winter's Night a Traveler. If you have read the book, you know what you're getting into by playing this map. If you haven't? It's quite the experience.

Generic info that may be important:

The map's playtime is around 30 minutes, give or take a bit! Render distance needs to be 10 or greater! If you are recording, please link the map in the description! Make sure the resourcepack is working! Stay in adventure! Have fun!

That's all!

I hope you enjoy this new map: If On a Winter's Night a Player!

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Map Details

Creator: DeuxiemeCarlin
(72 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2021-04-16
Downloads: 3,668
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 Flower Really interesting concept, and some people expected to read less or that it would actually be an "adventure map", however I didn't mind the dialogue as some were very promising. I would be very interested, if you made full versions of the first, the jigsaw type, the murder mystery and the deity ones (kil the human or not), I would definitely play them. I was also not sure at first if there were supposed to be no other models, as it did feel a bit empty.
Thank you for making the map, I will be sure to read the book. I hope Dr. Robillard gives you an A or A+.

2021-07-25 12:01

0 BlokVader I have to agree with Designer on this one, the map felt empty and not too interesting, if we had simple villagers, it could've been a lot more engaging.

It's an interesting concept, but the actual execution isn't too interesting. However, I do like the idea of the last "map" with all the deities of professions, that seemed cool, and moreover: I just wanted to "play" something.

2021-07-06 21:05

-3 tony0316 90% of this map is sitting in an empty room and reading dialogue. boring.

2021-06-10 01:51

0 Crazybbsaber Amazing map!! Good job! For the past few days I've been playing some bad maps, you ended the streak, I suggest you now to complete these 6 maps and cya


2021-05-24 08:21

0 CMDR_Kai I have never felt like a map wasted my time before. Thank you for teaching me the feeling.

2021-05-22 05:13

-4 TheEpicDesigner Alright, I'm sure you were on a tight deadline when you were designing this map, but as of now, it's rather boring. The whole "starting a new map every time" idea would be interesting if there was an actual overarching story that the player could figure out. It doesn't seem like you implemented that into this map. Furthermore, I don't like the fact that all of the voices and characters in this map are disembodied. At least some armor stands would have been nice to make the map feel less...you know, empty. I hope you update this in the near future to boost players' interests in the book the map is based on, as well as your other maps. Cheers.

2021-04-17 17:49

+8 Crordy_cat That was so cool!!! Now i actually want to read the book!

2021-04-17 08:41


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