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Herobrine's Mansion

Created by MaSp005

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Map Info

Your help is needed! Can you figure out what happened to the mansion of Dr. Jepperson's father?

A 1-hour Puzzle Adventure Experience by MaSp005 featuring:

  • 7 pieces of custom music
  • 3 custom made puzzle mechanics
  • Special menu technology
  • and tons of secrets to find!

To ask questions or report bugs, please join my Discord Server or write me on Twitter.

Will you solve the mystery? Play now to find out!

This map was a lot of work, i spent over 120 hours of playtime over the span of a year on this map and I really hope you enjoy the end result! If you want to support me to make more and better maps, please consider donating on BuyMeACoffee.



Map Details

Creator: MaSp005
(112 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 23.8 MB
Added: 2021-07-26
Downloads: 5,437
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 Nether hey man the lasers in the 2nd elevator room aren't appearing. clicked the sign and everything. have no shaders no optifine. nothing working

2021-09-21 06:09

0 kenni can this map support multiplayer?

2021-09-18 04:30

+1 me i started in a stone platform :)

2021-09-10 14:28

+2 GAMBIT Quoting B0its:
Whats the password for the safe. Im stuck there ;-;

you can get the letters/passwor d in the back of the mansion

2021-08-28 02:48

0 brian Spawns us in the void and we then we die. One person becomes stuck outside the map where the command blocks are. Game thinks they are in the menu but they aren't. Can't right click the sign that tells us to "right click if the game menu isn't working".

2021-08-13 06:10

0 Jack Quoting mooncake:
We can't start the map.

if you got teleported to the command block area, just go spectator mode then go in the black box and go back to adventure

2021-08-10 16:20

+2 Jack There's a little problem with the spawn which makes you spawn in the command block area instead of where you're supposed to spawn. this doesn't happen to everyone but it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, a good solution would be to put a "teleport to start" command block just in case that problem happens that shouldn't be too hard to do. good map btw 10/10!

2021-08-10 16:18

+1 Qwant loved the map, can't for the sequal ;)

2021-08-08 10:06

0 Shortcake I spawned underneath the map where all of the command blocks/ redstone etc are. What are the starting co-ords?

2021-08-07 12:29

0 Zamza29 Quoting catwithasweettooth:
The lasers in the 2nd elevator room aren't appearing.

Did you click the sign?

2021-08-05 18:02

0 OkJed "Herobrines Mansion"
Waaaaaaiiiiiiit a moment

2021-08-04 15:08

-1 Sly One of the best adventure maps ever made named "Herobrine's Mansion" was created.

This is not it, sorry.

2021-08-01 20:47

+3 Danger Quoting B0its:
Whats the password for the safe. Im stuck there ;-;

it has something to do with the flowers, watch their colour and order

2021-07-31 18:59

+31 B0its Whats the password for the safe. Im stuck there ;-;

2021-07-30 10:39

+5 Player I was never given the thing to call him

2021-07-29 21:02

+1 catwithasweettooth The lasers in the 2nd elevator room aren't appearing.

2021-07-29 18:28

+2 Henghuyleng Tea This map is fun I love it so much and thank you for this awesome map.

2021-07-29 04:37

0 Ramiro201114 Quoting mooncake:
We can't start the map.

Try Starting The Map

2021-07-27 23:17

+6 Uday How to find the password of elevator

2021-07-27 05:46

+1 mooncake We can't start the map.

2021-07-27 05:32

+1 Zamza29 Loved everything about this map. It was really great! I hope you make a part 2 to this map!

2021-07-27 04:53

+1 Anon and Pepe This was really fun and challenging I (AnonymousHack) and KaratePepe played together and we hope the next part comes out soon.

2021-07-27 03:37

+1 Baggio Two or more players?

2021-07-27 03:10

+4 Kidgemini100 Can you do a walkthrough of this map?

2021-07-26 21:58


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