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Created by rsmalec

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Grinchmas is a Christmas themed adventure map for minecraft, created by rsmalec. The map comes with a custom texture pack, and character skins, included in the zip download.

- Use the custom texture pack included in the download.
- Don't go outside of the boundaries.
- It can be played on any difficulty setting.

Now updated for minecraft 1.8!

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Creator: rsmalec
(97 votes)
Version: 1.8
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 37 MB
Added: 2011-12-16
Downloads: 72,949
Category: Adventure Maps


+4 greenman4321 56 snowflakes.

really liked the map and the poem throughout the map. only thing i would have wanted was for it to be a little longer. (still a great map though) :)

2016-01-18 19:19

+4 rose #LOVEDIT!!

2015-12-17 18:29

+2 royalsfan3468 i got 49 snowflakes probly under average :D

2015-12-05 01:30

+1 Aussie Gamer Couple I play this map with my babe here it is i love it.

2015-11-23 09:31

+2 TheEnderGirl10 This is the best map ive played in ages. I just really really enjoyed it.

2015-08-31 15:46

-2 demolisherr2 Awesome. I loved destroying Whoville. It wasn't just the tree I burned down. I got the idea when I realized that the bows were cobwebs.

2015-05-09 00:27

+5 ShyBubbles31 It was a really nice map even though I didn't play at christmas. I got 42 snowflakes! YAY

2015-03-15 07:02

+4 Corey Amazing map really fun to play with friends ;)

2015-02-02 05:17

+5 JazzyJeff002 I just played this map for the Christmas holidays and loved it. Great job and can't wait for the next one. You can see my LP here: http://youtu.be/OPKzP47qESQ

2014-12-24 15:51

+4 PurpleVsGameing had lots of fun with the map and ended up with 55 snowflakes at the end and i recommend giving the map a go and if there is a second one i would play it.****/***** (4 out of 5 stars)

2014-12-23 14:16

+5 Diamond_Cupcake7 I got 58 Snowflakes! Thanks for making this map, this was a great twist on everything and I loved the idea! Please make more maps I would enjoy them, thanks!

2014-12-21 20:58

+4 Code220 Loved the story line and the map! 67 Snowflakes!!! Gotta check out my let's play! http://youtu.be/2OGYR4_qnjc

2014-12-19 22:43

+5 Slyvene 57 snowlakes, awesome map

2014-12-17 10:17

+6 Ninja Pumpkin Nice map Ron, I got 65 Snowflakes!
Still playing in 2014!!

2014-12-17 06:09

+2 centerfootballman I got 66 snowflkes and how many are there in totlal and also great map

2014-12-08 00:35

+5 DusK Really fun map im gonna get some of my friends to play it! 9/10 and i got 48 snowflakes

2014-11-03 13:53

+8 iruleoverkittens I got 38 snowflakes but purposely threw out the Rueville tax, I mean really?
I dont want free taxes... -.- great map though!

2014-04-08 23:38

+8 NanNumber2 COOL MAP!!! thanks for the map. I like the texture pack and the storyline!. I'm waiting for your next maps. :D

2014-03-30 17:59

+7 Bear Puncher I played this map with a friend and we both really enjoyed it! We even recorded our blind Let's Play of it and if anyone is interested, they can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKehIa9msrU
Keep in mind, we do use a bit of language because we are classy like that. So you've been warned. XD

2014-03-07 13:13

+11 Mr.cool This map is super awesome!

2013-12-29 22:06

+13 cheydie i got all 64 snowflakes

2013-12-06 10:32

+12 darkdragon1230 Really good map.btw but i only found 38 snowflakes :( i wish i can find 64

2013-11-22 07:08

+18 Minecraft Girl The map was really fun but i think cuz of my wifi (damn you wifi) it took a long time to download

2013-11-20 02:56

+19 Bloxer2334 I think this is a great map :D its good for the holidays gonna record this soon! i will link it when done :)

2013-11-15 00:45

+12 deadlyreaper AWSOME MAP I really loved the story line. Me and my brother enjoyed it. (p.s please make more)

2013-11-10 16:38

+9 Crafted please make a second version, it was so great i need to play it again

2013-10-12 17:37

+6 NAwesome map was really fun but there wasent much to do. you were just following signs. but the story line was really fun to play along with. I got 56 snowflakes

2013-07-01 00:45

+6 Dalt03 i got 48 snowflakes but i am ok i didn't see much dispensers/mail boxes.

2013-05-28 03:59

+13 Alex_B Best map after kingdom of the sky
(personal opinion)
Love the texture pack, elevator, and factory
(i just started and this are my beginning expressions)

2013-01-05 22:47

+17 RogerThatRB3 i did a video on this custom map at:
Hope you Enjoy!

2012-12-28 19:23


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