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Father II

Created by actionguy87

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This is the sequel to Father.

Map Info:
In planning and production since the release of the original Father adventure map, Father II builds on the story of the child of Wariance Rayleor. Download this map today and experience masterful writing, beautifully detailed structures, one to two hours of game-play, and one incredible story! What are you waiting for?

Do NOT play this map before playing the original Father map!  You'll have no idea what's going on if you do!

It is imperative that you read the "Guidelines" before embarking on your adventure!

If you spot any problems (there really shouldn't be any), then just let me know!

Map Details

Creator: actionguy87
(23 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 16.03 MB
Added: 2013-10-28
Downloads: 79,379
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Caroling831 Hi
I have a bit of a problem.
Everytime I want to download the map it says that the link was deleted

2021-05-15 21:19

+1 Max Zaloznyi You should make Father 3 or a different story for an adventure map. You have really good talent! Good job!

2018-02-05 03:41

+1 KelsiThePyrofly I just finished playing the map. The story was amazing (though quite violent). That ending though.......

2016-11-28 02:25

+1 XIIcatIIX Wonderful maps! I love them both! Please keep making Father! These are the best maps I have EVER played. And that's really saying something, Considering there are a lot of great maps out there!

2015-06-26 23:46

+4 Mayroz Father and Father II were by far the BEST maps I have ever played in my Minecraft time. It was unbelievable. This map had a very powerful and meaningful storyline (I even cried at a few points) with a wonder and chilling ending. I HIGHLY recommend this map, but play the original map first, or else it won't make sense! I swear this map was truly amazing. I can't stop raving about it. I would not change anything in this map because of its perfection in the storyline. Absolutely incredible. Great job actionguy87, wonderful job. :D

2014-09-06 00:22

+2 mamely Ok, just finished your map ... Despite my bad english i do understood everything, so it's just a BRAVO :D!

Your map is amazingly build with lots of castle and houses.

Your history is really fantastic, i was really in it.
So dude i never write comments after playing but your map is JUST
Congrates and hope your are doing another one
Bye :D

2014-09-04 19:26

+4 spencer612 Wow.This map is great,with a great ending

2014-07-06 20:01

+3 minecraftlover4 Quoting Duel Weild Gaming:
Go to the coordinantes that they give you in the book you know Golden Meadows Than You Go get The Key From The Warden! Duh

How do I get there? Id there a path or something? Like, a flower trail? Tree? Follow a lake or something?

2014-06-23 00:30

+4 Duel Weild Gaming Quoting minecraftlover4:
Where do I go from Level 2 completed?

Go to the coordinantes that they give you in the book you know Golden Meadows Than You Go get The Key From The Warden! Duh

2014-06-16 01:58

+3 minecraftlover4 Where do I go from Level 2 completed?

2014-06-09 22:49

+3 Marlonikus Love this Map. Played it with a friend can only say play it too!!!Its really worth it.!!

2014-05-17 23:23

+4 starscreamer13 Quoting Tom Robinson:
Hello Everyone!

I was wondering how long this map is going to take to complete?


Tom - TomTheCubeGaming

the description says it will take 1 to 2 hours to play. :)

2014-05-04 16:13

+3 Kezzie1 i don't know what to do when you get to the forest after following the lilypads on level 2 I've been searching for something please help me!!!

2014-04-15 00:56

+3 TeddyDeadturtle It is awesome THANKS!!!!!

2014-04-04 16:18

+2 Tom Robinson Hello Everyone!

I was wondering how long this map is going to take to complete?


Tom - TomTheCubeGamin g

2014-04-03 17:49

+8 Sgt__brodie i really liked your last map but i was a bit confusing hopefully this one is better. and thanks for your work the maps are amazing!

2014-02-04 15:16

+6 chadandersen1 Father I and Father II were the best adventure maps I've ever played! Please make a Father III and keep the story going!
This would be even more awesome if you created a custom texture pack that came with the map that turned something like a zombie pig-man into Herobrine and have that be your dad at the end of the story. Great maps! Thanks!

2014-02-04 01:25

+2 _TheBlackCat_ One of the most amazing maps i i have ever played and cant wait for "The Father III" and if anyne is wondering i was playing in the "John Smith Legacy" Resource pack and i would recommend it to people to use it.

2014-01-26 06:14

+3 amoody Verry nice!! good job

2013-12-31 13:28

+16 Thunderhead107 This map was AMAZING!!!!!! Excellent storyline! Make a FATHER 3, Please!!!!

2013-12-23 07:20

+4 20thCenturyBoy GOSH
This is the best surprise for the weekend.
We enjoyed Father so much, was a great map and we had a great time! It's awesome that there's a second part of it now!

2013-12-14 12:49

+3 AMAZINGLY GOOD! Well done, A nice add on to the first, Hope you make more!

2013-12-07 21:47

0 darkjoin i became lost after i completed level 2

2013-12-05 19:52

+6 Lightningstar AMAZING just finished the map and wow can't wait for father III if there is one

2013-12-04 00:56

0 Creepers192 Quoting Ryan_Obear:
is there a resourcepack?

I don't think that there is one.

2013-11-30 22:38

+6 N1njacat176 Hey, another comment, but is there a certain texture pack that would make this map look even more epic?

2013-11-30 22:37

+2 N1njacat176 Brilliant first map, can't wait to play the sequel to it! I've heard that it's just as brilliant as the first "Father".

2013-11-30 22:36

+2 Cody Where is cell 208? I am having trouble finding it.

2013-11-30 02:13

+10 Mr_Filipe13 epic end, epic story, epic map, this needs a Father III :)

2013-11-16 16:58

+9 MINCAS No doubt that this'll be as good as the first!

2013-11-11 16:09


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