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Created by MasterJPixel

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A good few years ago, small company Hexage released a mobile game called EVAC where you played as a square trying to escape the red squares holding you hostage.

It wasn't too popular, barely recieving 500,000 downloads on Android and who knows what on iOS. I'm a big fan of that game and made a semi-accurate recreation in Minecraft.

There are six levels and four endings. Find your own way out.

If you play this in a video, please provide a link to the map in the description.

Map Details

Creator: MasterJPixel
(248 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 300 KB
Added: 2017-05-31
Downloads: 7,964
Category: Adventure Maps


0 JebacDisa Great map!

2019-07-28 15:41

+2 The reviewer I liked the level layouts. Each stage had its own theme, like the third stage was all about timing. The story wasn't very good, but it still made the map mysterious even after finishing the map, also the 4 endings were a good idea. But I have to say that the levels weren't detailed and they felt very dull. Every stage was basically just built with one type of color block. The gameplay is almost not existent. Except some puzzles , which were too easy, there was nothing to do except walking. Luckily, the map is very short it only took about ten minutes to complete the map.
I wouldn't recommend the map.

2017-08-13 15:45

0 TheLastTimeLord Great Map! I love it!

2017-07-31 08:18

0 Fadi Kako nice job m8 ... but please dont try to cheating me lol :L

2017-06-27 17:49

0 Stolec Hey! I made a video on your map and i was really happy with the map. Short and simple, and i really enjoyed it. It'll be posted June 21 if you would want to go check it out yourself!

Have a good day m8, and keep up the great maps!

2017-06-21 02:22

0 NickTHH Hey, I made a video on this map, it's very fun!

2017-06-18 09:48

+1 Konas Kingdom I made a play through of the map as a kinda of role play it kinda made me want to play the game.

2017-06-13 19:42

+1 mechanicalLupin Really well done!! A friend of mine and I played it on realms and we both really loved it ^^ it's short but an amazing story and so well thought out. Keep making maps!!

2017-06-04 13:11

0 COol i cant play the other ending

2017-06-02 20:53

+2 TheSenpaiKawaii A short but good map. I really loved it! I got the digger's ending (I think that was the name). Good job on it! I couldn't seem to find ending 1/4 at the end in gm3 though...

2017-06-01 19:58

0 VoidMist Really cool map! Loved it!

2017-06-01 15:35

-11 MeifwaRap I don't think you put effort in your map please make one that Requires time and effort that players may enjoy themself's your map is short but if you want my opinion its basically a waste of their time.


-Unique Blocks/Unique builds
-Time & effort
-Place Command block if possible

2017-06-01 04:01

+1 iTz_ZoRo its a cool map and the end was epic too =D

but its too short D=

2017-06-01 01:31


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