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Eronev Chronicles: The Flood

Created by Jigarbov

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Eronev Chronicles: The Flood

Official Trailer:
Eronev Chronicles: The Flood Trailer

Map Info:
Eronev Chronicles: The Flood is an adventure map, created by Jigarbov. Checkout his YouTube channel for updates and previews of his maps.

Once again, the village of Eronev needs your help! This time you must travel back to the past and try to save the villagers from a devastating event that occurred long ago. The village is being flooded, and you must try to save the stranded survivor's before they meet their end. Are you up to the task? Only time will tell.

Note: The download above is for the normal difficulty version of the map, if you wish to try the hard difficulty, then download it here.

If you don't spawn in the correct place at the beginning, then use these coordinates: x:445 y:024 z:272.

Updated for Minecraft 1.6.x.

Previous Eronev Maps (by Jigarbov):
- Eronev 2: The Soul Cauldron
- Eronev Mansion Adventure

Map Details

Creator: Jigarbov
(5 votes)
Version: 1.09
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 27.3 MB
Added: 2013-02-05
Downloads: 42,985
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 buddafingers What a great map!!!!!!!!!!!

2014-01-31 03:59

+1 Rachel I’m confused. I assumed i saved everyone because there were no more beacons, so I fast forwarded. but then it told me I failed...

2013-06-30 16:39

-4 Vasto Lorde all in all great map! @Rainbow Ninja you have a gaming PC and this lags???? well im using a Laptop and was listening to music while playing it and it didn't even lag its either your Minecraft is a bit faulty or your PC is really bad

2013-06-12 06:06

-14 RainbowNinja Umm well the idea for the map was cool and all but it was extremely laggy, and I have a gaming PC. The lag was so bad that I had to quit the map and redownload it and it still lagged to much. So cool idea, but too much lag for me.

2013-06-09 21:14

0 Shifter4 Awesome! Saved all of em, but lost 6 hearts and almost died, overall good map, can't wait to see a #4 of Eronev!

2013-05-22 00:40

-11 FuriousGrenade Yes! I saved all the people!!

2013-02-22 17:14

+19 Spartans953 This Map is Epic i wish that u could make another map like this

2013-02-20 05:31

+27 mario_65 Jigarbov, i've played all 3 of the eronev chronicles and loved them, and the first was my favorite. Don't stop making awesome maps :D

2013-02-18 00:03

-1 RowanVSMinecraft Hey everyone! I did this map and recorded it for my channel! I hope you enjoy and "You have to burn the wool" will be available to watch soon as well!

2013-02-17 17:37

-5 That guy over there Im gonna correct what i previously stated, i didn't like that with Eronev 2 just plopped you into adventure, just like, BOOM! Welcome to your demise.

2013-02-17 02:49

0 kaidigem Can't wait to try it out! I'll do the first, first!

2013-02-16 19:48

+2 topazx7 COOLEST. MAP. EVER. Nicely done.

2013-02-15 06:08

+6 That guy over there I loved the first map, wasnt as happy with the story in the second, but it was really fun! I hope this one lives up to it's older siblings!

2013-02-09 23:25

+13 xXT3RR0RGAM3RXx Seems like getting the cold shoulder
*puts on shades*

2013-02-08 01:56

+8 Enigmatoots Awesome map, totally blew us away (and washed us away :p).
Me and my friend did a play through of it here...but we sucked quite a lot. Feel free to check it out :)

2013-02-05 22:51

+10 Battlefront819 The flooding effect was awesome! Did you use custom spawners for that?

2013-02-05 20:27

+8 MiriMonkey Wow! i liked it! but 11 died...

2013-02-05 14:42

+7 MiriMonkey I played the previous 2 and liked them very much especially the 1st! Now i'm going to try this one!

2013-02-05 14:02

+15 LazerTooth_ Awesome Map, Jigrbov. Although I let 6 of them die.
What a Shame!
Anyways keep making cool & new maps.
- Lazer

2013-02-05 09:52


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