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Darkcombe Manor

Created by Chrisps89

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Map Info:
Hey guys, this is my first attempt at an Adventure Map and I hope you can have as much fun playing it as I have making it.

The map focuses around you being invited to a mysterious house that you have always understood as abandoned, but you are going to find out that you were very wrong.

The map has fighting, puzzles, a nice explorable map, a fairly interesting story/narrative and even a brief encounter with undead pirates!.

There are not many rules really just the usual stuff, no breaking blocks, with the exception of obsidian for this map. No using keys (Levers) for the wrong things (fairly self explanatory once you get in and play).

But I would love to hear all feedback you can offer, good and bad. And hopefully if it takes well I can work on another map to entertain you folks.

All I used to create the map was Minecraft creative mode, MCEdit and NBT Explorer.

Helpful Tips Before Playing:
Before you load up the map change your difficulty settings so that it is not on peaceful, otherwise there is a problem with loading the name tagged mobs I have in the map.

Quick tip for the starting spawn, if you spawn at the start outside of the map entrance (you will know if you are in it or not), then just do /kill and you will spawn in the right place.

Map Details

Creator: Chrisps89
(9 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 770 KB
Added: 2013-10-28
Downloads: 33,072
Category: Adventure Maps


0 ??? Any jump scares?

2018-01-26 04:03

+2 NixVal My friend and I played this together and it was really fun. You did very well for this being your first map. A lot of map makers want to go big, but I loved that it was small and yet very detailed and well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed this map!! If you make anymore maps I would love to try them out.

4 Stars!!!

2014-12-11 03:23

+1 GrumbleTheBear One of the best maps I've played in a while.
I've done a let's play on this map since it's Halloween time.

2014-10-24 19:35

+2 ALittleBitOfMatter I made a video on this map with my brother it was awesome! Thank you sooo much!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrhAz3v5YSA&list=UUzuB8hQNBpR28MYbq4WGoHg


2014-07-22 21:25

+3 cheater_dave awesome map, gonna tell all my friends about this one

2014-06-26 23:32

+3 undeNait I have to say that this was the first Adventure Map I've played an im impressed. It was a lot of fun and it is very atmospherical. I recorded it and will upload it to youtube soon. Thumbs up!

2014-05-27 06:21

+2 Aralia I did this with my boyfriend and we both really enjoyed the atmosphere. We loved that each little place that you find has a bit of story attached to it... It actually makes me want to create my own adventure mode...
It wasn't terribly hard, but it wasn't so easy that we could blaze through it.
We have tried a few others and I have to say, this is listed among the favorites.

(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) FOUR STARS!! For ingenuity, design and LOTS of story!!

2014-05-09 05:13

+1 Pastille2 Hello ! I'm playing your map right now, but I have a bug : when I open the chest in the manor, I fall inconscious and I can't wake up... I'm stuck in the dark and nothing happen. What should I do ? Thanks a lot for your answer and pardon my english, I'm French ;)

2014-04-14 06:30

+2 Wilow Hey, I played your map and absolutely loved it! I had no problems solving any puzzles or finding the required items for completing this awesome piece. I really hope you make more like this, the storyline gave me something to definitely drive me through it! It was exciting and surprising (especially the chest on the first floor of the manor beyond the iron door). Thank you! :D


2014-02-03 04:44

+1 owTreyalP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E66zsB7gEnw&feature=c4-overview&list=UU6cTBSaAcWciALEhGBJS7ig
Hey just did a let's play with your map! it was really fun and im thankful that you did it! :D
unfortunately i couldn't find those 3 keys at the beginning even though i explored everywhere in that little area in the beginning... :/
but besides that it was really fun and i did enjoy the experience!
hope to see more in the future!! :D

2014-01-29 06:23

+4 Kevin Hey, I did a video on your map! Great map by the way, keep on making more maps :)
Here is the link:

2014-01-20 22:37

+3 me good map, i had lots o' fun. one comment, make the boss fight harder

2013-12-30 18:30

+3 Cozu_Man2 This honestly sounds like 5 days a stranger..... I LOVE IT!!!!

2013-12-07 16:44

0 jeeshwa123 I had a lot of fun!
There were way too many items that made the game way too easy, and you could use the hay to cheat by blocking monster's paths, but I had fun anyways. You built a good atmosphere and the world felt alive, even as small as the map was.

My only major complaint is that the final boss doesn't stand a chance if you find the diamond bow. No challenge whatsoever. Otherwise, very fun, and lighting the map on fire was satisfying!


2013-12-07 12:55

+2 BlazeGaming Awesome map! We've started a let's play of it, check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5o9-kJhZuk

2013-12-04 22:14

+2 Toby This was a moderate map but there just wasn't enough information reguarding the "Final" Boss room and the ladder is imposible to climb so i used a hay bale to reach it other than that the rest was good the zombie horses were a nice touch but building could do with a little more creative flare.

(o)(o)(o)()() 3/5 stars

2013-12-03 08:16

+2 Ghosty {spoilers}

I loved the flavor text for the different areas and the traps! I couldn't figure out the workshop puzzle. I think the ship's lower entrance could use more light or something, since I actually went around it and missed it the first time.

The little treasures all over the place were really nice, and I loved the specialized equipment, and all the challenges were really creative.

The plot was silly but entertaining, The level design was kinda sparse in the mansion, but really clear what everything was supposed to be all over.

The end battles were great, and the credits were a lovely touch!

This is the second adventure map I've tried, and the first one completed! I had a lot of fun, thank you for making this!

2013-11-29 08:54

+2 4oz scoop Nice map. Had a issue with the keys(only found 2 of 3) other than that had a bunch of fun. keep them coming!
heres my lets play:

2013-11-17 08:53

-2 reddgirl13 A few critiques I came up with as I went through the map:
When I got to the workshop, half of it was burned down by the lava. Maybe if you made it out of something not so flammable? I couldn't do the puzzle, in that case.
I'd suggest some improvements on syntax and sentence arrangement in your messages, but that's just my writer's nag.
It was impossible to get to the finish without using the hay bales to get up the ladder and to hit the escape switch.
Other than that, it was a great map! Took me about 30 minutes total to finish. Good story, cool ending room, great boss battle - not too hard, but not too easy either.

2013-11-06 02:36

+6 ProudOne Loved the harry potter reference

2013-11-04 02:05

+1 1reshiram1 It was so epic!!!!!!!! I love the map and also love the ending and by the way, how do you get to the ladder at the near end of the game? I couldn't figure out how to, I just placed one of the Hay Barrels from the Stall :P

2013-11-03 05:57

+9 Amgadz Nice Map Continue doing nice maps

2013-10-31 16:18

+7 MeyJaX Great map bro! Me and my friends greatly enjoyed it and did an LP on it. Didn't have any real big issues with other than maybe the zombies overpowering us early in the game.

Link to our LP:

2013-10-30 06:17

+9 Duncan I like it :D

I just wish the ending was a little more big or the story line was longer but other than that I liked it KEEP MAKING MORE :DDD

2013-10-28 13:20

+13 Emily Taylor awwww yes :3

2013-10-28 05:50


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