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Created by Guythegrey

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Map Info

You are an alien traveler trying to get home after you crash your spaceship on a strange planet.

Afraid and alone, you start to explore the planet in hopes of finding a way back home, but start to get the sense that this "planet" might be more than meets the eye...


Render Distance: Minimum of 14 chunks, but preferably more
Clouds: On
Brightness: Bright (100%)
FOV: Normal (70)
Particles: All
Graphics: Fast
Difficulty: Easy, minimum

  • Don't break any blocks, unless it's to fix something you accidently broke or get unstuck.
  • Don't use any cheats or hacks while you play.
  • Don't switch from gamemode 0, unless you're fixing something or you've finished the map.
  • Don't use the totems to revive yourself, otherwise that will break the map.
  • If you really need to you can alter some of the settings, except for render distance, particles and difficulty.

Artifacts and Bluestones

  • Bluestones act as the point system in the game. They look like a normal diamond. There are 64 in total, so try to find them all!
  • Artifacts are trophies you can find in each room. They look like an enchanted item. They can be found in each room. There are 12 in total.
  • Feel free to message me on Discord and tell me your score!


Guythegrey - Mapmaker, builder, redstone, commands
Minetrain2002 - Tester, bug-finder
DuskShadow - Tester, bug-finder
FatBoyo - Tester, bug-finder
FAMOFFATT - Tester, Bug-finder, helped with disco floor
King3G - Tester, bug-finder
HydroTitan - Tester, bug-finder
PaintShenanigans - Tester, bug-finder, accidently gave me the original idea
SimplyJamie - 
Tester, bug-finder


- Removed spawn point in the Secret Room.
- Fixed a couple of grammatical errors.


Map Details

Creator: Guythegrey
(78 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2018-11-25
Downloads: 7,023
Category: Adventure Maps

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Peonofthepen Although it's not without it's technical issues, I quite enjoyed playing this map. Some well hidden secrets, enjoyable puzzles and a nice pay-off at the end. Minus: command blocks are showing. Plus: redstone puzzle before final boss was awesome!

2018-12-17 15:50

TehDan A decent short map, but fix your commands. You can't just go around and tell people to swap into gm 0 to fix your faulty commands

2018-12-09 16:02

lol i still have 3 bluestone left lol. Fun map though !

2018-12-03 07:29

Guythegrey Quoting DarkestMalice:
I'm not able to place the lever down on the stone brick at the very beginning.

Just change into gamemode 0 and it will work.

2018-12-03 06:49

Guythegrey Quoting Doczy:
Anyone know where to find the final artifact? I got all except the ??? Artifact

I accidently put Guythegrey instead of @p in the command block that gives you the artefact in the boss room. Just change it and you'll be fine.

2018-12-03 06:02

DarkestMalice I'm not able to place the lever down on the stone brick at the very beginning.

2018-12-02 21:24

Guythegrey Quoting hungrypineapple:
im in the boss fight room but nothings happening..? is it just me??

Do you mean the secret boss room? I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'll check it out when I improve the bosses. As far as I know it should be working. If it's not then just activate the group of command blocks in creative manually (there should be a sign on it that says "Zenod").

2018-12-02 06:44

Doczy Anyone know where to find the final artifact? I got all except the ??? Artifact

2018-12-01 20:41

hungrypineapple im in the boss fight room but nothings happening..? is it just me??

2018-11-30 21:49

Guythegrey Fear not, Cosmos v1.2 is on the horizon! With it comes a slew of patched bugs and updated content, including the ability to place buttons and levers on blocks and updated boss fights for all the bosses. Let me know if there are still things that need fixing or improving in the map, and I’ll see what I can do!

Also, 1,381 downloads on my first map in the course of 6 days is a lot for me, so thank you guys so much for playing, it really means a lot to me!

2018-11-30 13:48

_Explosive_Mine Please, the secret boss fight level is broken. In the command blocks, you put your name "GUYTHEGREY" instead of @p. Also, levers and buttons are broken as you did not give a lever or button that can pe Placed on something. Which must be included when you are making the trades for the villagers. Might be confusing ik. Also your discord server link please? A new non expired one as the one on your twitter is expired. Make it to the never expire and unlimited uses thingy. Please. OK thanks bai. Also when the secret boss fight is over, when a bunch of blocks are cleared, you will see a hole in the map will be present. Please fix!

2018-11-29 10:41

cold2d When does part 2 come out with the nether portal

2018-11-29 06:47

Guythegrey I’ve never had difficulty with placing levers and buttons, but it might just be because I’m the creator...? My best guess is that it might have something to do with the way the levers/buttons are summoned, seeing as they contain lore. I’ll have a look soon and see what can be done about it.

Also, this is my first map that I have both fully completed and released to the public, so I’m grateful for any feedback you can give me, positive or negative.

2018-11-28 13:39

CrazyCowMM Quality map. Just couldn't place any levers or buttons or anything. Not a huge problem though.

2018-11-27 23:34

gamer_PL Ok. I got the key from the graveyard but can't put it on stone brick. Am I doing something wrong?

2018-11-27 16:16

operationguard A well thought out map, with an interesting objective and detailed story. Easy to follow, with clear, set objectives on how to complete each area. I did run in to an issue of not being able to place buttons/levers, however, a quick fix (Changing to gamemode 0) was the solution. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this map, and would like to see more maps of a similar detail in the future.
Story - 3/5
Objectives - 4/5
Gameplay - 3/5
Detail - 4/5
Clarity - 4/5
Overall - 3.5/5

2018-11-27 13:32

_TigerStrike I can't place the lever on the stone brick at the beggining for some reason

2018-11-27 13:00

Guythegrey - The coordinates to the starting area are 166 71 -398. Unfortunately, it seems as if I have forgotten to take out the command block that sets the spawn point in the Secret Boss room, despite me later deciding not to include it in the map! I'll try and fix that in the next update soon.

- As for spawning in the middle of nowhere, I have never encountered that bug before, so I'll see if I can fix that as well.

Thanks for feedback, I'll try and fix those bugs in the near future!

2018-11-26 04:18

TheEmeraldJedi5 There is a bug in the map.
When I got in the end portal that was supposed to take me to the overworld, it brought me back to the secret boss fight!
Can you please give us the coordinates to the spawn area that we were supposed to go to?
Also, I just want to say that this is a great map.

2018-11-26 01:56

bbasic i spawned in the middle of no-where, what are the cords to the actual map

2018-11-25 20:33

Ruffles I really enjoyed the map! 10/10! I would recommend everyone to play this!

2018-11-25 20:23


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