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Castle of the Dead

Created by The Ultimate Destroyer

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Welcome to Castle of the Dead! Castle of the Dead is a map where you are a person who discovers a castle on his way back home and discovers a dark secret as you enter.

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Map Details

Creator: The Ultimate Destroyer
(66 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 7.5 MB
Added: 2020-05-18
Downloads: 1,446
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 IdleDeity The story-telling is really good but the map is way too short to be honest. I see this as a prototype of the potential you have for a bigger map with an amazing story on it.

2020-05-27 20:42

0 Nicki Unplayable. Please update the mechanics as it's impossible to progress through this map.

2020-05-27 05:25

0 EZEKIEL From the beginning I am blind and do not know where to go

2020-05-19 20:44

0 Bepis Well what can I say?
The maps functions fine I suppose, but it is quite undewhelming.
The map was very short. I suppose 3 minutes, because you have to search for things. The story was just silly. I was a bit disappointed, because there is no end to the story. A boss fight or something would be much more epic, don't you think? So far I appreciate the effort you put in. I like that people spend their time voluntarily to make maps purely for our entertainment, so good on that!
However, you also included fake rooms, which only added to the confusion. They felt like a cardboard cutout of a story, rather than an actual story element.

So all in all, I'd rate it 4/10 because while it is playable, the story is just bland, and it was too short. Good luck in the future!

2020-05-19 12:50

0 _-Aya-_ Terrible map. I cannot get passed the beginning, no cutscene happens and I'm just stuck at the rode. I give this map 1.5/5 stars

2020-05-19 02:24

-1 Bruh This is quite possibly the worst map I have ever played

2020-05-18 23:31


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