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Created by NezoGG

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An author once wrote a book called The Frozen Triangle. It is said that somewhere in the ocean there is a place. The unlucky people getting to fly over it first experience some machines that stop working and more pressure than usual.

The more they go into the Triangle, the worse the things get. Some passengers experience nose bleeding or stomach-ache. And then, it all goes down. The plane is controllable no more, and falls into the deep blue.

Some may think surviving is a miracle, but instead it is nothing but a curse. It is said many people see a lighthouse. An old, abandoned lighthouse shining in the middle of the sea. It's light shining over the sea, and as they enter, it gets to be the last light they ever see.

Jack. Jack ! You slowly remember your name while looking at a photo of your family. The German troops were getting prepared, knowing that the Americans would attack Normandy sooner or later.

You had your dad, a 46 year old man with a beard an dark hair, your mother who was 40 and had some hazel eyes and brown hair, your 16 year old sister and you, a 20 year old man with brown hair and blue eyes. This would likely be your last time seeing your family. Right now you were on the plane.

Your family gave you a present, but told you not to open it yet. It was starting to rain, and than all you remember was a loud noise, people screaming and fire. Now you wake up on the broken plane, seeing a lighthouse in the rain.

Discover the mysteries of a once great city, what is buried under the sea and what has been hidden from us from all this years. Descent into Rapture and prepare for the adventure of your life !


  • Detailed buildings.
  • 12 levels.
  • Story.
  • Many locations.
  • And More!

Have fun playing!


Map Details

Creator: NezoGG
(99 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13
Size: 20.2 MB
Added: 2018-08-31
Downloads: 8,919
Category: Adventure Maps


+5 SeriousCraft OOF you ported 2012 map to 1.13, ok

2019-05-25 18:19

-2 SeriousCraft Woow! this is really bioshock in minecraft? as adventure map! 0,0

2019-05-25 18:02

+4 GlitchyGuy Please make it clearer where the players are supposed to go because I'm stuck and have no idea wheree to go next >:(

2018-09-02 20:07

-9 TigerStrike It wasn't put any effort into at all. It just looks like a 1.6 or 1.7 map... boring, confusing and bad.
1/10 from me too, I'm sorry.

2018-09-02 05:52

-3 Jesus I thaght you mean a new bioshock game tell i saw the pictures i think it look great but huuuuuuuuuuujjj jjhjhhhhhhhhhhh

2018-09-01 06:04

+8 zaid realy thank you for this map im a realy big fan from bioshock 5stars

2018-08-31 12:52

+11 ThingsAllover This map kinda let me down. There is no sign or anything to show you the way, and the gamemode wasn't in adventure. I managed to beat 3 levels but after then I gave up knowing nothing or how to progress in this map. I can see the creator put a lot of time to this. I am going to put 2 stars on this level. Sorry, Nezogg.

2018-08-31 11:06

+2 KentMY Sorry to say but not way too creative , signs are so confusing .
I give it 1/10 great story though,
Sorry but im not going to continue playing it

2018-08-31 08:18

0 ghg its a good map and looks really nice but i feel like its unfinished there are holes and no mobs when you load up the map and the direction you are meant to go is not always clear with a little bit of fine tuning this would be amazing

2018-08-31 03:54


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