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Minecraft Maps for 1.16

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.16, 1.16.1 & 1.16.2 (Java Edition).

In this map you will have to travel 1000 blocks up to reach the goal. Will you pass this challenge?

One room, Six Games!

The (Unremitting - never relaxing or slackening; incessant) Room. A room that is relentless, constant, unabating, but most importantly always repeating.

Select the wool, pass the challenges, recover the lost wool and enjoy the fun! ;)

Get a ship and sail the seas! Travel to unique islands and see Mooblooms, get armor out of bedrock, add people to your crew, shoot magic canonballs, customize your ship, fight bosses and so much more. Can you survive the journey of a true pirate and find the legenday Treasure of Captain Redcurl?

Another 6 difficult levels are waiting for you to discover them. Do you accept the challenge? It's going to be an amazing and the final journey!

Grab some friends and duke it out in hand-crafted arenas! Try to get as many kills without dying as possible. Pick up items to sustain and empower you.

In Monkey's Illusion, you play as a robot whose objective is to save his creator.

A unique maze map in which one travels through one large maze to reach 12 smaller ones!

Super Troll Parkour is a very rage inducing map. With ten levels, you should have plenty to scream at. One important rule, don't rage quit.

This escape map is a fun map but you only have 30 minutes to escape.

A series of puzzle challenges. Who can get the maximum score?

The Journey to Insanity is a singleplayer horror map that tells a story about a man who's lost his previously loved life.

Collect all the puzzle tokens in this mysterious forest to unlock the sacred diamond vault. With 15 challenging puzzles this map will not disappoint!

Welcome to the Thanatos' Mansion, here you will have a unique experience, fighting for your life and trying to unravel all the mysteries of this mansion. Good luck on that journey. Download now and try.

Have you beaten a dropper? Yes? What about a dropper where you have nausea the entire time? No? Didn't think so.

This is a TNT Wars map my friends and I made which I think you will enjoy! It features a 2v2 map and a 1v1v1v1 map with a variety of kits to choose from that can alter gameplay.

Fight, loot, trade, and build your portal in this unique PvP map made entirely in the nether!

1:1 scale recreation of Balshaw's High School in England with interior. Custom resource pack is included.

Minecraft Progression Parkour is a short parkour map that has 4 stages based on the progression of Minecraft.

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