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Minecraft Maps for 1.10

These maps were made for all versions of Minecraft 1.10 (Java Edition). This includes 1.10.2 etc.

Travel through 8 challenging parkour levels without slipping or shifting!

Using the power of levitation, navigate through 10 three dimensional mazes! Each maze is harder than the previous one and will require great perseverance to defeat. Journey solo or race against friends!

In the sixth installment to this series, get through 9 all new levels with only a half a heart!

The desert dwellers have finally succumbed to the increasing levels of magma. Luckily for you, the remains have conveniently formed themselves into a playground for parkour!

In this first map of Great Fire 1666, players can explore the whole of City of London from 1666 before the Great Fire of London.

Have you ever wanted to Parkour really fast? Well, now you can! In This map "2 Fast 4 You" parkour is lightspeed fast for all 15 Stages!

Glitch your way through the final part of the trilogy, The Glitcher 3!

Do you think you have what it takes to drop through all 14 biomes present here in this map?

Living in a somewhat modern city, you get a job as an intern at the organization Quantum Labs. Who will you meet? What technology will you see? And What secrets will you reveal?

A small town, an old castle, a movie set, and under the sea... You have been so many places and solved their mysteries.

The sequel of the map that has blown your mind!

This is an advanced two player co-op map packed with extreme action and suspense.

This is a fun and easy to medium difficulty parkour racing map made for 1 to 4 players.

This is a 2 player co-op map. When a terrorist organization plans to launch all the nuclear missiles in the world, the agents from the Anti-Apocalypse Agency has to stop them.

Trapped in an enclosed village, you must evade, explore, and escape from your imprisonment! Can you escape this prison?

Cornerstone? Found. Queen's Helm? Recovered. Sabotage on the Set? Stopped. Three mysteries under your belt you are ready for the next!

Sad Panda Adventures is a new cute map which involves riding different types of unlockable pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests you see to obtain loot.

The power grid update is now out! Explore, loot and survive in the new area - Riverbay.

Stuck on an island with little to no help. Getting started is one thing, Getting somewhere is another.

Just one map with buildings from 85 cities all around the world... Now updated to v3.1!

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