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True or False

Created by Oatmeal

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Map Info

10 true or false questions presented to the player in a quiz-room style. There is a checkpoint at the 5th question, and [SPOILERS] you break the universe on the final question.

Make sure to take all necessary precautions when running this map on a server to ensure command blocks function correctly.

General Rules

  • 1. Don't use commands.
  • 2. Don't break blocks.
  • 3. Stay only in adventure mode.


Map Details

Creator: Oatmeal
(30 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.2
Size: 646 KB
Added: 2019-06-22
Downloads: 2,890
Category: Trivia Maps


+4 ColSDC This map is actually really well made, and i enjoyed blowing the map up at the end with the provided TNT. Also Schrodinger's cat is alive as long as the box is closed.

2019-07-12 22:00

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+9 jade i was expecting the map to be longer... took me 3 minutes to complete. boring ending.

2019-06-23 05:19

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