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Park of Nowhere

Created by ApertureScientist

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Map Info:
You did it. You reached the mysterious Park of Nowhere, an island in the middle of nothing. Without nothing with you, you'll have to survive with the treasures found in all the places.

ISSUE FIXED - Shop now works perfectly!


  • +30 treasure chests.
  • A shop where you can buy materials or objects with XP levels.
  • A big island (The park).
  • Three other little islands.


  • Don't break blocks in the shop.
  • Don't use cheats or hacks.
  • Use "/gamerule keepInventory true" if surviving is too difficult for you.


  • "Bye Cruel World" - Die at least once.
  • "Buy Something Will 'ya!" - Buy something at the shop.
  • "Things to Live" - Eat some bread.
  • "Not Here Anymore" - Use an Ender Pearl.
  • "Dling Dling!" - Get 10 XP levels.
  • "Enchanted" - Craft an enchanting table.
  • "Night Doesn't Scare Me" - Build a house.
  • "You Monster" - Burn a tree down.
  • "Gnum!" - Buy a Notch Apple at the shop.
  • "Like A Link" - Cut all the bushes of the park.
  • "Turists!" - Invite a friend to the park.
  • "Outta Here" - Go To The Nether.
  • "Like New" - Repair A Weapon.
  • "He Comes The Diamonds!" - Get 10 Diamonds.
  • "Linkin' Park" - Connect all 4 islands.
  • "Park Of Somewhere" - Make the park look better.


Map Details

Creator: ApertureScientist
(203 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 361 KB
Added: 2016-01-20
Downloads: 11,569
Category: Survival Maps


0 HSperer This is the best map I have ever played. I'm coming back to play again after some mouths...
Thank you ApertureScienti st

2018-03-27 10:37

Quote Report
+1 ApertureScientist Quoting sean:
why did you make the whole world a desert biome? cant even get any sheep or cow
i only manage to get chicken

You can get food farming or buying it at the shop.

2016-01-26 13:57

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0 sean why did you make the whole world a desert biome? cant even get any sheep or cow
i only manage to get chicken

2016-01-26 06:52

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+1 ApertureScientist Quoting TicksTox:
What is your secret to getting your map out there in the public? 3,000 downloads in one day? How? :D

Today there's only been an update, because there was a huge issue in the map, so most of these download are from the other version :)

2016-01-20 18:30

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+1 ApertureScientist I'm glad to tell you that the shop issue has been fixed! Now you can play normally the map.

2016-01-20 12:38

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+1 TicksTox What is your secret to getting your map out there in the public? 3,000 downloads in one day? How? :D

2016-01-20 06:28

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+2 ApertureScientist Okay guys, sorry for the bug.
I'll fix it as soon as possible, for now the only way to make the shop work is to play the map in 1.7 instead of 1.8.
Sorry for the issue and have fun!

2015-11-22 19:17

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+1 Plasmo321 To make it so ppl can't break blocks in the shop even in creative is to build a copy of the shop abt 20 blocks under the shop and use a /clone command and hook it up to a /fill clock. Incase you don't know how to fill clock it's this: Top command block: /fill ~ ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block Bottom: same thing but replace redstone with air.

Also to fix the shop taking xp and not giving items make sure you have a command doing /give @p [item here] [amount] [data] {lm=[level here]}
i.e. /give @p diamond 1 0 {lm=1}

And then /xp @p -5l {lm=5}

2015-11-22 08:00

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+1 Gwenllian Please fix your map to give out items in the shop...

2015-11-21 07:19

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+3 Za_Awesome_One I checked the redstone, it wont give you the items because he's using the number ids instead of minecraft:iron_ ingot

2015-11-16 00:58

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0 montster0405 Fun map. but the Mobs that spawn are way too much and the shops dont give you the items you buy with the XP. Not a very put together map and tested fully...

2015-11-15 20:48

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0 nztimelord99 impossible i had to peaceful it and i didnt get any xp when i killed mobs and i couldnt get a weapon and you dont understand it.

2015-11-14 23:35

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+2 JmMCfan I too got nothing from the shop though it did take my levels. Also the signs in the shop are too hard too read with the diff colors

2015-11-14 04:41

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0 Xx_Jashua_xX Epic Map Man!

2015-11-14 03:48

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0 bikerchic44 the shop took xp off me but didn't give me any iron :(

2015-11-13 20:05

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