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Mushroom Island Survival

Created by Boomlaka

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Map Info

You are deserted on an island in the middle of the vast ocean, yet this is no ordinary island, it is...a mushroom island.

- Don't leave the main island.
- Don't use any mods or hacks.
- Play on at least Easy difficulty.

- Build a house.
- Make a melon farm.
- Make a pumpkin farm.
- Make a wheat farm.
- Make 10 loaves of bread.
- Make 5 golden apples.
- Cook 10 fish.
- Make an XP farm.
- Make 10 potions of healing.
- Make 5 potions of fire resistance.
- Find and play the Green Record.
- Do something cool with redstone.
- Kill the Ender Dragon.

*hint- Most cave entrances are underwater*

Map Details

Creator: Boomlaka
(16 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.2.5
Size: 8.38 MB
Added: 2012-07-18
Downloads: 41,713
Category: Survival Maps


+5 bobcatnat123 Well i made trees but when i get gr[censored] it took over the island and the mooshrooms stopped spawning =(

2013-09-28 18:29

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-2 The minecraft player Awsome map love it :)

2013-05-18 09:32

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+7 remy i found 2 melons in a cave really not hard to find just go to the nearest underwater cave and the gave will split in 2 and in 1 of the caves you will find a 2 melons

2013-05-09 19:09

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-4 Cat The Rine Someone said there's hidden pumpins and melons throughout the island. Can someon please tell me where?

2013-05-05 22:26

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+14 j4c0bk so are there like hidden chests around the map that we have to find cause if there aren't then how are we suppose to get the wheat cause you need gr[censored] for that?

2013-02-25 13:04

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+5 Neon_Slime i need help finding wheat pumpkins, and sugar cane (if there is any)

2013-02-23 17:15

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+13 Muffin Seems a cool map, but the only thing im doing here is exploring caves -.- still cant find any gr[censored], melon nor pumpkin seeds :/ any idea where i should look?

2013-01-17 16:27

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+7 THE awesome are the melons and pumpkins underground?

2012-11-08 04:00

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+5 Gezza10 I've only found 1 cave entrance so far. Are the rest on the outside portion of the island, or in the little ponds inside the island?

2012-10-18 16:12

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+1 skittles56 Quoting Sahrasa56:
I'm doing this right now, it's really fun!

if only it could be in the sky..... D(

2012-10-05 20:32

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+7 Sahrasa56 I'm doing this right now, it's really fun!

2012-09-24 18:25

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-10 TiggerBlueMom Bonemeal works on gr[censored], to make tall gr[censored]. Does nothing on dirt.

2012-09-14 15:35

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+5 Boomlaka Quoting MrHellfe:
where do i get melon pumpkin and wheat

You can get melons and pumpkins by finding the hidden ones throughout the island and wheat from using bonemeal on dirt

2012-09-11 23:43

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+4 MrHellfe where do i get melon pumpkin and wheat

2012-09-11 00:57

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+2 Knightyblock were do u find gr[censored]?

2012-09-08 22:24

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+10 ginaissocool i am gonna try it! i am ready!

2012-09-02 13:40

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+6 THEAMINUSTEAM Great and challenging map!!!

2012-08-27 21:43

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