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Happy Treehouse Survival

Created by Tistter0211

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Map Info

You are Lost in the jungle for days and you found an empty Treehouse and it's look good and you decided to live in it and survive.


  • 1. Play on Survival
  • 2. Don't play on Peaceful

Additional Info

  • Map can be played in multiplayer.
  • Map Made by Tistter0211
  • Facebook: Rayubsang Patthon
  • Google+: Tistter211


Map Details

Creator: Tistter0211
(186 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 14.85 MB
Added: 2018-11-22
Downloads: 10,794
Category: Survival Maps


+2 maria i can not find the house lol just 2 temples

2019-06-30 11:44

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+4 zombatic hey found 2 emralds found the tree house too .
keep it up mate gg man i love your map it is good.keep making maps like these
(your house is a mansion bro)

2018-12-31 04:33

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+4 ej I found one emerald

2018-12-15 23:12

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+13 _Swain Am i allowed to leave the jungle?

2018-12-03 04:18

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0 berke2705 i joined world but there is no house

2018-11-30 15:09

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+4 Escanor daddy This was a noice map m8

2018-11-30 09:34

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-3 John Where are the emeralds

2018-11-28 04:57

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+1 Vadim This map is empty, man

2018-11-26 14:02

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