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Floating Islands 2

Created by Silverfish003

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Many people asked me "Will be Part 2?" "What a great map, I would like tu see part 2" etc., so its here!

Can you survive in a middle of nowhere with just 8 Islands with much more improvements, better looking and bigger.

Each island has its quests which you´ll notice in the hub! There are in total 30 different quests!

What changed from FLOATING ISLANDS map?

  • Spawners for monsters needed for quest added
  • More chests with loot
  • Islands are much bigger now (6x bigger)
  • You can now earn Chorus fruit, Acacia log and more stuff
  • Difficulty selection (In the Hub, with gifts)
  • You can now set Keep Inventory (Include difficulties Easy, Medium which you can choose at the hub)
  • Game Guide (Includes starter chest)
  • 30 Quests, so 3 more :)
  • 50+ command blocks (In first part only 12)
  • Islands look much better 
  • Spruce island is now the most dangerous island (12x bigger with void on every step)
  • Elytra is now ungetable :(


Map Details

Creator: Silverfish003
(126 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 457 KB
Added: 2018-09-27
Downloads: 7,257
Category: Survival Maps


0 RobloxMuffan3D Hi, this map is REALLY interesting to me. And this is the thing that I hate, I think it's a bug, it's like hardcore mode but you
don't lose your items. Whenever I die, my spawn sets in the void, so when I click respawn, I spawn in the void, and I re-downloaded the map and the same thing happens, can you fix this? Thanks!

2019-07-14 20:38

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0 Jessica You should make it for pocket edition too please

2019-06-08 00:20

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Elias Good job, your map it's not working as it should : first of all ther is no back button from the hub to the island, second you can get unlimited gifts and third after u press on a difficulty it teleports you right in the command blocks, really this is very unprofessional and this map has potentian if it's done properly not like this, and maaan cmonn that's why you make a map and upload it online, to see other opinions (you simply csn not tell ppl not to criticise it)

2018-10-28 05:07

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+1 meggamix i like it but the tp from hub is broken i click my difficulty and it spawns me on top of a command block

2018-10-23 02:34

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