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Floating Island: "The Journal"

Created by TheCookieJarGuard

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Map Info

Try to survive on the floating island and make a house, defeat monsters and enter the nether!  (Almost) everything is possible on the "Island of the journal"!





Challenges and "How to play":

How to play: Try to survive and gather resources on this Island!

Play with friends (Its most fun then!) :)


1. Collect wood.

2. Build a base.

3. Mine some stone.

4. Create stone tools.

5. Mine some iron ore.

6. Get melon seeds.

7. Get pumpkin seeds.

8. Make a cobblestone generator.

9. Trade with a villager.

10. Die once.

11. Find diamonds,

12. Enter "The Nether".

13. Find "The journal".

14. Find "The secret wolf kennel".

15. Kill 4 Creepers.

16. Eat a pumpkin pie.

17. Build a house that is at least 20 blocks high.

18. Enchant something.

19. Create a enderchest.

20. Play with a friend once.

21. Make the whole Island "hostile-mob-safe".

22. Collect lapis lazuli, emerald and redstone.

23. Did you even collect the coal?

24. Make a mob farm.

25. Make a cocoa bean farm.

26. Make a BIG tree.

27. Make a wheat, melon, carrot and potato farm!

28. Create at least 15 glass blocks.

29. Get a full armor set.

30. Get a Endereye...

Have fun! 


Version 1.0:

+ Added "Floating Island!"

+ Uploaded the map!

+ Fixed bugs that where actual a few Days ago!

- No more spawners because of spawning problem... :(

* Fixed "Spawning out-of-range" bug.

Map Details

Creator: TheCookieJarGuard
(26 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 272 KB
Added: 2013-03-24
Downloads: 96,880
Category: Survival Maps


0 Sweet_Minecraft This was the HARDEST survival map I've ever played. I finally found some ore which was sadly at the bottom of the map, then I got shot by a skeleton and right off of the island. Never have I ever been so scared when it hit nighttime because so many enemies would pile up due to small map. This was an awesome map, but next time, put the ore inside the island instead of just outside, it was terrifying trying to get it.

2014-06-09 08:42

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+2 lol Hmm nice map, but I can't find some iron.
I hope I will find it.

2014-03-29 12:21

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+6 Baby Girl MI Thank you for this map, Noodle and I are having so much fun on it! I hope you don't mind but we are recording it for YouTube.

2014-03-06 08:04

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+8 Meridia I love the map! Just finished all the challenges, although I practically leveled out the island looking for the kennel. I like how there are hidden rooms that we had to find (the kennel and the bedroom); I'd love to try another similar map!

2013-12-27 01:07

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+3 fredrik I love this map.
but my brother do a rage quit 5-6 times hahahahaha :-)

2013-11-30 18:18

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+4 jim Is the dog kennel marked in ANY way?

2013-11-02 21:29

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+9 XxemeraldsxX All of you are having problems finding the journal.. I found it in the first 10 minutes...

2013-10-16 23:44

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+8 Nora I like this map i just don't like the fact that there is nothing IN the island, it's all on the outside. I mean you could of at least put some damn coal in there.

2013-08-25 02:37

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+5 DiamondAdventure Why are the ores and chests are at the bottom :( and nothing IN the island EVERYTHING OUT but still is pretty good map :D

2013-07-10 04:12

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+15 Ni3l55 Great map!
I played it with a friend and it was amazing :D

2013-07-03 13:59

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+26 KDTE This map is pretty good. The only thing that I don't like is goals 10 (die once) and 20 (play with a friend once).

2013-06-19 21:06

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+14 DerpyTurtle123 Like the map just has no one to play with

2013-06-12 13:50

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+9 BoomsticksF4A Don't know about you guys, but I can't find the Journal. Where is it exactly??

2013-06-09 05:34

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+23 hypex101 just finished 10th challenge at least 30 times

2013-06-06 16:05

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+10 tom754 Good map, a lot harder than it looks. Did anyone else find the Journal really early on and just use his little underground bit as a house?

2013-05-30 16:49

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+8 Aoop I did it but it was tough, there wasn't any ore anywhere. Not even coal, let alone iron or diamond. So I had to farm trees to make charcoal, and all my tools were made of stone. Is it supposed to be like that?

2013-05-25 10:34

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+6 SageDeoxys Pretty nice Map!
You should tottaly make a second part / sequel to this map!

2013-04-23 23:38

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+9 ironforever Nice map. I would just make a LITTLE less goals. Other than that, an excellent map. Keep making more!

2013-04-05 22:37

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+9 TheMrModerize This is such a great map, I already have 2 parts on it!! my first 2 uploads :D You all should come check it out! 720p Avaliable :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEvB3KMGp2w

2013-04-02 00:03

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+14 KoekieGedrog Awesome map dude. I started a Lets Play on it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nxiiCG9hbQ).

Hope to see more great maps from you.

2013-04-01 18:26

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+24 Midiwi We are loving the map so far, here's our Let's Play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FReWtqSlnM4
Make sure to like, subscribe and comment for the next episode! ^_^ Thanks for the map

2013-04-01 17:11

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-8 Egamer this map was great and all but it does need at least a few stuff i recorded and i failed D: heres the link to the video if u get a chance to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpRnUEZjkig

2013-03-30 19:38

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+19 lolath101 i like this map it's like a slice of my seed generated world

2013-03-27 18:53

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