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Divinity SkyBlock

Created by AlvarHanso

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Welcome to Divinity Skyblock! This is my first map, and i worked hard on it, so I really hope you will enjoy it.

This survival map is not like a normal skyblock. There is a safe "Altar Zone" where you'll have to complete some quests. Only five quests are accessible at the same time.

When you'll complete all the five quests, you'll advance to the next phase. At the end of each phase you'll receive a Tribute, with which you'll be able to reach a new island.

Pay ATTENTION!: some Gods will summon a champion to ensure if you are worthy of access to their ownership! Each champion or mythical creature provide a customized loot!

During the adventure some sellers will take their places in areas adjacent to the Altar, they will offer some interesting trades!

Challenge the Gods, conquer their islands, and use legendary artifacts to become the emperor of a new world!

In this map some events will be triggered by commands, and the game experience will be halfway between a survival and an adventure map.

Have Fun!


Map Details

Creator: AlvarHanso
(27 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 35.5 MB
Added: 2019-05-24
Downloads: 1,914
Category: Survival Maps


0 anon Quoting CouchCommander27:
How do I get coal for the torches???!!!!

make charcoal using logs

2019-06-14 02:37

0 CouchCommander27 How do I get coal for the torches???!!!!

2019-06-13 06:02

0 CouchCommander27 How the hell do I get torches I can't find any cobble for a furnace to make charcoal, can't find any coal either HELP

2019-06-13 05:39

+3 Luna My friend and I are stuck on fase 6 or 7 and the wool won't work it says 64 white wool but then it says 8 of each color of the 16 wool, we tried both and it won't work.

2019-06-10 00:30

0 someone Quoting LeoBlock95:
How the hell to I obtain Lava (for cobblestone) without the island of Lava?

I'm thinking, "What would you need cobble for?" Maybe a furnace? You can get those from the Blacksmith in the Forge.

2019-06-05 00:40

0 someone just started and so far it's awesome. it took me some work to find some things and now i think this is a very cool map. altough everyone has been saying it broke i still think it's awesome

2019-06-04 21:23

0 AlvarHanso Guys, I thank all of you for all the feedbacks!

Some hints:
Lava is on the fifth island,
The Well of Sacrifices is in the Nether, at that point of the map you can build the portal. It's written in the Lore of the Tributes.

I'm working on a new version to decrease waiting times and to improve the game experience.

2019-06-02 08:48

+3 Mary I completed all the quests or mission from the first part but i don't have an idea of where is the "Well of Sacrifices" so i just threw the hoe and the three saplings to the bedrock-thing in front of the spawn island and that was all, i lost my things just because i didn't know where the "Well of Sacrifieces" was. Also the islands are exaggeratedly small
I expected more about this map, it looked good

2019-05-25 20:50

+1 LeoBlock95 How the hell to I obtain Lava (for cobblestone) without the island of Lava?

2019-05-25 18:29

+3 Leo Great map, too bad the command blocks broke half way through and there's no other way to progress. Waste of time because i couldn't finish it. Would be ok if i could change gamemode to fix the problem but i can't. Good idea, badly made.

2019-05-25 16:38

+4 Oepclypse There is no information about where the tribute alter is (I found it after searching for a while) and you don't know how to get the island because there is no teleport, no information, no pointing to where it is. If you could explain this then that would be great. Other than that the game is great!

2019-05-25 14:04

+1 Walnut its an amazing idea I really applaud you on that one its just it takes way to fu*king long to do anything, in case you did not realize not a single person one this planet wants to wait for trees to grow to get saplings. Also the islands are minuscule AF. half the times my saplings just fell off. After eventually spawning in saplings to save myself time I finally completed phase 1. Tossed the fu*ken flower into the well and went to fight the champion. only to accidentally hit it off the map into fu*ken oblivion. I tried to figure out if I could spawn it again but no. You cant. this island is 5 blocks wide and I'm forced to use a wood sword.To anyone wondering what this map is really like don't waste your time, its nothing but waiting and trading with villagers. Never had to write a review for a minecraft map. It's just so bad. Possibly make the prices much lower and give much more bone meal so we don't have to wait for trees to grow. And please make the islands bigger and let us be able to re summon champions.

Fu** off -Walnut

2019-05-25 00:45


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