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The Labyrinth

Created by CatCreamYT


Map Info

Welcome to The Labyrinth

You are set in a large maze arena with the goal to be the last man standing.

But be careful, each opponent you'll face will have a unique strength that no other player has.But this does not put you as a handicap.

Anytime in the game, you are able to capture the team's Altar to take their ability from them and claim as your own.

The only way to capture them is to find an Altar key in the maze to activate them. 

Simply eliminate your other opponents to win the game


  • Play with only 2-4 players. The game does not support more or less
  • Play in Adventure Mode
  • Play in Minecraft v1.12.2
  • Have your resource pack on before playing. The download link can be found here
  • Do not attempt to climb the walls

Things to Know

  • Climbing the walls will give you negative effects.
  • Two maps of the maze are present to guide you
  • Altars can only be captured using Altar Keys
  • The resource pack is not needed but HIGHLY recommended 


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Labyrinth

(85 votes)
Creator: CatCreamYT
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.82 MB
Added: 2018-06-17
Downloads: 4,850
Category: PVP Maps


0 Starboy__nya I really like playing this map, but I do have one problem. How come every time I get resistance my screen gets stuck and starts blasting hardcore death metal music. I would rate this map 10/10 but I cants wen to get that bug fixed :(((

2018-06-19 03:32


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