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Man Hunt

Created by neb55555

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Map Info:
You have probably played MAN Hunt, whether you realize it or not. If you haven't, you probably grew up under a rock.

There is one person who is it, and everyone else is not. The 'It' has a diamond sword (insta' death, You're It Moe Suckra', etc). The goal of the It is to kill everyone. When the it kills someone, they become It and get a sword and everything. The people who are it need to work together to kill everyone else, and the 'Not-Its' need to work together to survive.  

Here comes the twist though. All Non-Its have melons, which they can use to teleport through walls. Every time they teleport, they get one gold. This gold can be used to buy armor, potions (speed, regen, damage), and sticks with knockback. Every second of this game is very exciting!

- A pleasant spawn to hang out at.
- Awesome arena with 11 "biomes" to play in.
- Item shop.
- Unique meleportation system.

Thanks to the guys from R&R Gaming for all their help re-vamping the spawn and the arena! It looks truly epic!

If you record a video for youtube, post a comment on this video with a link or send me an email at neb55555offical@gmail.com. I would like to see it!

This map has not been tested yet. It will only work with minecraft version 1.7 or higher.

Feel free to report any bugs below.


P.S. Check out my YouTube Channel!

Map Details

Creator: neb55555
(15 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 659 KB
Added: 2013-09-04
Downloads: 40,241
Category: PVP Maps


0 the master we have got a problem in this map. when it is killing somehow all of we get banned

2017-06-07 07:50

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+1 Ricky This map is awesome...I really like it because its real fun...:D good job bro

2014-10-04 02:25

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0 Siinrod I tried this with a few friends and we run into a small problem.

When IT hits a Non-IT the wrong Non-It becomes It, and then after a few people died (not all) it says one player has won. we are playing on 1.7.5. any ideas what might cause this?

2014-07-06 20:07

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+3 BFORBRENDAN This map is a lot of fun! It definitely works better with more people though. I made a video of this if you wanna check it out, here's a link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqMd4sFHOyQ&list=UUp9ZawdmI6C621-miLTQQvA

2014-06-02 02:16

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+7 lol_dood1324 VERY AWESOME MAP. best i have played in a long time. nice job with the command blocks/

2013-12-17 03:15

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+6 CJDawg I think this is a very cool map

2013-12-01 21:56

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+5 neb55555 Did anyone find any bugs for the map? I don't there are any, but you never know. Please report them here if you find some...

2013-09-30 20:36

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+8 neb55555 Quoting Devilstuff:
I was wondering how you made the "meleportation" system.

I set all the non its on a team using the /scoreboard command. underneath the pressure plate, I have a command block with: /clear @p[team=!It,r=3 ] 360. This clears people inventories of melons who arent it, and are with 3 spaces from the block. Then i think i set up a couple of command blocks to teleport forward, give gold, and refill melons. Watch out though, cause the timing is really important.
P.S. YouTube: VersatileNeb

2013-09-15 19:14

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+15 Bb Quoting Tra_kad:
Am I the only one that thought when I read "If you never did play this, you probably grew up under a rock," I just thought of Patrick Star?

You're not alone :D

2013-09-12 07:23

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+23 Tra_kad Am I the only one that thought when I read "If you never did play this, you probably grew up under a rock," I just thought of Patrick Star?

2013-09-07 15:16

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-3 Bigfoot49211 Yess, tell us how you did the meleportatioN!! :D

2013-09-06 20:18

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+5 Pudding Sounds awesome, I haven't seen a game map here for some time!

2013-09-06 20:09

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+10 Devilstuff I was wondering how you made the "meleportation" system.

2013-09-04 12:47

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