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Which One's Wrong?

Created by Morangatang

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"WHICH ONE'S WRONG?" is a trivia/puzzle map for Minecraft 1.13.2 where you are presented with a number of blocks (or other mobs and items) and have to deduce... well, which one is wrong.

The concept is relatively straightforward and a tutorial is included with the map that explains in further detail.
Good Luck! (You're going to need it)
WARNING: Some of these are very hard please don't be mad.

PLAYTIME: ~10-20 minutes.

Inspired by:

This map was originally made in 25 hours during my college game jam - I then expanded upon it and decided to release it!


  • 29 unique challenges testing your Minecraft knowledge! 
  • A final challenge where you identify an error in one of three builds!
  • Blocks!
  • At least two buttons!
  • Maybe even THREE!
  • Sarcasm!
  • A special surprise for CaptainSparklez if he chooses to play this!

Important Stuff

  • Minimum requirements for Minecraft.
  • No cheats - everything should be set for you.
  • Cannot guarantee multiplayer compatibility, but servers need 1200MB minimum.


Map Details

Creator: Morangatang
(28 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 846 KB
Added: 2019-01-29
Downloads: 848
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Sally I had really fun with this map! I've played it with my best friend and we laughed a lot because we're quite dumb so we picked all wrong choices! Anyway, I recommend this map to techies, because *ALLARM SPOILER* some questions are about pc and Minecraft codes.
Except this, commands were really great! Cool map

2019-01-30 13:23


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