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UnLinked II

Created by NICO_THE_PRO

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Enjoy UnLinked II, the sequel of UnLinked.

This map it's not like the first one: in fact, this time, you're in a flat open area, where when you touch a block something happens: an house, a tree or a bat...

Who knows what to expect! The things that you will see in this map are linked only by one thing: the fact that they are UnLinked!

Thanks to all the youtubers who played my last maps!

Huge thanks to Logdotzip!

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(47 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 531 KB
Added: 2016-07-18
Downloads: 2,730
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Edam_Cheese Finished the map, but didn't get the Title credits.
(Checked by watching Bradmall's vid)

Great map, love this kinda stiff

2016-07-29 08:35

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+2 Chiosser If you don't know what to do, just throw items XD

2016-07-24 14:29

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0 damian i just don't now what to do...

2016-07-21 00:57

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0 ShadowSMK Awesome Map !

2016-07-21 00:40

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0 Bradmall Really enjoyed the second map in this puzzle series! Your maps have a unique feel to them keep it up! Here is my let's play of the map if anyone gets stuck or just wants to watch a little before downloading for yourself.

2016-07-20 17:33

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0 cole Where is the sapling????

2016-07-20 12:50

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0 Gill Bates Is there a guide?? XD

2016-07-19 21:42

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0 Chiosser Great job! Thanks for this map

2016-07-19 14:25

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0 Ender After you get the bone meal and the dirt what do you have to do?

2016-07-19 11:42

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