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The Test

Created by Pentox

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Important: This map was made for Snapshot 18w11a (Minecraft 1.13). It will not work in other versions of Minecraft.

Map Info

The scientist Evind just finished designing a strong weapon: The Devastator!

It is now your task to prove yourself worthy of seizing this dangerous piece of equipment.

After getting "kidnapped" by this mad scientist, you will be put into the test in twelve different puzzle levels; after which, you will need to escape a locked room.

A final adventure segment awaits and, if you complete it, you will get access to The Devastator!


This map features:

  • Custom textures, models, and sounds. No resource pack download is needed! All included in the map.
  • 12 puzzle levels.
  • An escape-the-room level.
  • A storyline.
  • A small and fun adventure segment (defuse a bomb!) Strong advanced weapon with means of testing it!


Made for Minecraft 1.13

The Test

Creator: Pentox
Map Category: Puzzle Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.13
File Size: 24.6 MB
Date Added: 2018-04-16
Downloads: 519


0 First Comment!!! ALSO I've been hitting that red wire with a dagger for the past ten minutes, and nothing happens.

2018-04-17 03:54

0 First Comment!!! Also when you place and break the ladders in the final stage you cannot place them again

2018-04-17 03:29

0 First Comment!!! I threw the thing in level one and it took me to level 12. WHY???????????? ???? Pls fix this problem because levels 2-11 were skipped as of this, even though I was in the correct snapshot and had followed all the rules.

2018-04-17 03:13

0 Gannicus96 Wow This Map Is Super Cool I POst one Video One my Channel with this MAP

2018-04-16 18:27

+2 noukiespookie Can't find the answer to the riddle... Can someone help me?

2018-04-16 16:36


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