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The Last Hope: The Lightbringer

Created by SpielmitStil external

Contact on Twitter external

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Map Info

"The Last Hope: The Lightbringer" is not just a Minecraft map but an entire puzzle game created in Minecraft.

With more than 70 levels, an own, custom composed soundtrack, tons of new and innovative gameplay mechanics, custom textures and models and a mysterious storyline it is clearly the biggest Minecraft puzzle platformer ever made.

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About the Gameplay

The main gameplay feature of this map is that you are able to separate your soul and the body. Then you can switch the control from the one entity to the other. You can also throw the soul in the direction you are looking at using the "splitter". Based on this principle new elements will be introduced:

  • Scanners can only be activated by the soul
  • Pressure plates can only be triggered by the body
  • Fusioners pull the soul back to the body and fusion them
  • Desplitters block your split options
  • Resplitters give you the split option back
  • Hologramm blocks are not real: The body can walk through them but the soul is blocked by them or can use them as a platform
  • Soul fragments can be placed on scanners to activate them for a short time until they explode
  • Peccators are enemies that can trap your soul
  • Moving platforms can transport the body, but not the soul
  • Many more mechanisms that just will not be spoiled here

During your journey through 6 chapters you will also collect more than 50 secret texts that help you discover the secret plot beyond the main storyline. There are two different story endings, a bonus world and several bonus puzzles that can be unlocked.


  • This map can ONLY be played in Minecraft version 1.12.1 and 1.12.2
  • NEWER or OLDER versions like 1.11.2 or 1.13.1 will not work and you have to reinstall the map if you opened it with these versions
  • Singleplayer only
  • Optifine is recommended. If you choose to use it, remember to turn off the “connected textures” (there is a small guide in the actual map that tells you where you can find this option)
  • Shaders may not work correctly for a few levels
  • Do not use a forge version (some forge versions block custom textures or destroy important objects of the map)
  • The resourcepack with the soundtrack is already included in the map

Other Information

  • It takes about 4-5 hours to complete the map with the first ending (without collecting any secrets)
  • It takes about 15-16 hours to get 100% in the map (both endings, all collectables and bonus puzzles)
  • It took the entire team about 400 hours to create this map
  • This map is the sequel to my other map “The Shadowmaker”, but has completely different gameplay mechanics and can be played without having played the first map
  • This map has its own soundtrack which was composed by SpielmitStil. If you like it, you can buy the complete album or single songs of it here.
  • The music from the soundtrack can be used in Youtube videos without having to credit the artist (Unless you want to)
  • If you really do not have any clue on a puzzle, you can watch this walkthrough (It is an almost 100% walkthrough with timestamps, but there might be spoilers on the story)
  • If you like the map and appreciate the work behind this huge puzzle game, please consider supporting SpielmitStil here.
  • Please share this map with friends or Youtubers if you like it!


  • Main Creator (Idea, Mechanic, Story, Voice Acting, Music, Leveldesign, Coordination): SpielmitStil (Website)
  • Textures/Models: Naddel, Zaliku, Hallo89, Mondanzo
  • Playtesters: Wolfdale, MrEpicPug, merosario731, Kaenganxt, Skorp, Instance, TheRedstoneer, Pixotec, Shade

(You do not have to paste these credits in the description of your Youtube video, unless you want to)

I hope that you enjoy playing the map. If you do, please make sure to share this map! It was really a lot of work and it is also the biggest map that I have made so far, so it would be nice if the map gets a little more popular. If you are doing a commented playthrough of the map, feel free to post a link to the video in the comments section below here. I am really looking forward to them! That’s all, have fun!

~ SpielmitStil


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Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Last Hope: The Lightbringer

(143 votes)
Creator: SpielmitStil external
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 109 MB
Added: 2018-04-17
Downloads: 2,106
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 Daphna I have a slight problem: after level ten the whole thing broke and there was one other level thing you were supposed to complete. By accident I fell off the map and I have no idea how to get back up. I have no splitter and my reset button does nothing. What can I do? ...the game itself has been amazing so far and I really want to continue playing.

2018-07-02 21:31

+1 Does Count WoW , Now this is more like it .
It has Finding pieces , sort of Mazes mixed with Special Puzzles , Bonuses & ...
It's one of the Best minecraft maps I've ever Played .
Thanks for Creating such Beauty .

2018-07-02 05:14

+3 someone Hi,

this is a question from a minecraft-newbi e, but still: when I open this map, I only get black squares for the 'weapon icons' on the bottom of the main screen, and also the gui of the inventory is essentially almost not there (the player with the turning head is, but the rest is invisible). I don't have this problem when I start a new world myself. Why could be the reason this doesn't work with this map?

This is using a freshly installed Minecraft Java 1.12.2 on Linux.

2018-06-28 21:42

+3 MacchuPicchu96 I've just finished level 13. I am absolutely blown away by this map, already. I had no idea mapmaking in Minecraft could ascend to this kind of level. The soundtrack is absolutely perfect. The storyline is gloriously mysterious. The mechanics and puzzles are top-notch. SpielMitStil, I am awestruck.
To anyone on the fence about giving this a try: go for it. This is an incredible experience, and I've barely even begun.

(Only potential glitch so far: I somehow managed to open the knowledge book in-game and I couldn't get it to close; it also glitched out the music. I had to redownload the map but it was early on.)

2018-06-28 05:42

+4 SpielmitStil Quoting ???:
If you play The shadowmaker before this you can tell that this has a somewhat similar ending just by reading some of the first texts P.S. it was too laggy for my so try to make it less laggy.

The map itself is really performance saving due to the new functions. However, some testers had trouble when playing with optifine versions. It sounds weird, but with optifine they had about 25 FPS, but without they had 250+.
If you have a really bad CPU it will of course cause lags, but I have an Intel Core i5-4460 GPU and I have constantly 60 FPS.

Also, this map plays after the events of "The Shadowmaker", but you are probably not able to guess the ending.

2018-05-28 16:21

0 ??? If you play The shadowmaker before this you can tell that this has a somewhat similar ending just by reading some of the first texts P.S. it was too laggy for my so try to make it less laggy.

2018-05-27 15:01

+2 SpielmitStil Quoting Tezzi:
This map is very cool and nice!!!! I can't forget it after play this map,it is amazing!
Can I translate this map to Chinese? I want to more people know this map!

That would be great! The important texts can be found in the "story1", "story2"... -functions of the save file.
However, the tablets could be really hard to translate since there are only the /give-Commands for them in the commandblocks.. .
If you manage to complete the translation feel free to post the map here in the comments!

2018-05-22 11:50

+1 BaconGeek Thank you so much for commenting on my video, SpielmitSil! Really made my day :-D

2018-05-20 14:06

0 Tezzi This map is very cool and nice!!!! I can't forget it after play this map,it is amazing!
Can I translate this map to Chinese? I want to more people know this map!

2018-05-19 09:36

+5 MrKisiel Without a doubt the best puzzle map, and one of the best maps ever created.

2018-05-07 14:37

0 SpielmitStil Quoting Britjake:
Is this map based off The Talos Principle?

I am a huge fan of The Talos Principle and I absolutely love this game. I think the hidden texts and the way overworld and puzzles are separated can really be seen as a reference to the game, even if it was not intended. However, the prequel to this map, "The Shadowmaker" has even more references to this game.

2018-04-21 12:51

+1 KingAmo My opinion on puzzle maps:
Puzzle maps are one of 5 things:
1. They are find the button maps.
2. They are generic.
3. They are impossible.
4. They are troll maps.
5. They are one of the best maps that have ever been created ever.
#5 is the least common, but oh my god when they appear. . .
This is one of those.
And I haven't even downloaded it yet.

2018-04-20 23:24

0 Britjake Is this map based off The Talos Principle?

2018-04-20 22:57

-1 SpielmitStil Quoting Nohan:
Help! It get's stuck on the blue wool [CONFIRM VERSION], nothing I do effects it. The version is latest and optifine is installed.

Just open the chat and click on the [CONFIRM VERSION] - button. If everything is set correctly, it will work without problems.

2018-04-20 17:33

+3 Someone Just... wow! I am barely at level 12 but I am truly impressed by the map. A suitable soundtrack, creatively made puzzles and mechanics, LOTS of hidden features, which, I have to admit, had me struggling and raging sometimes, an interesting and fascinating storyline, in which I include the confusing texts, and a great resource pack. Overall, the insane amounts of time and effort you have put are well visible in the product of your work. I can't wait to complete all the endings and finally understand the whole plot. Another thing I like about this map is that there is no parkour. Honestly, it's hard for me to understand the people who have rated the map with less than 5*. 10/10!

2018-04-20 11:46

+6 Nohan Help! It get's stuck on the blue wool [CONFIRM VERSION], nothing I do effects it. The version is latest and optifine is installed.

2018-04-19 15:25

+7 Clay_Copyrighted YO this is sooo coool I'm at the setting and it amazing the voice effects and music plus this storyline is GREAT I wish this was multiplayer but this is an amazing map.Trust me You got to try it.right now it has 2 downloads when i downloaded this so you must have just posted this,but an amazing map.

2018-04-16 18:12


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